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Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
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So It took one the recent online test today before class, it was the what type of soul are test.

And it just got me thinking about my result as an old soul. I have well aged parents my mother is 62 and my father is 82 and i'm 18. Though I don't necessarily get my Christian world view from them I have inherited other values and customs.

both from my mother and my fathers side. And so I thought how does each generation of parents affect their children. and how does the generation gap affect them. Especially in my case were the gap is so radical (My dad served in WWII if you need a date reference my mom was born at the end of the great depression).

And so i thought it would be a good idea to list and discuss these inherited values and customs tosee if we can learn anything about ourselves.


1) I have a very strong distaste for the use of vulgar language. My mother hated and my father taught me that if you use it you have a terrible grasp of the english language.

2) My father has always told me that Only I can choose to make myself happy (by choosing friends and making enjoyable decisions)

3) though my father never actually told me to do this, he used to always go for walks in the morning so that he could drink his coffee, read his paper and think in peace.

4) when I was young my mom alway read to me before bed and now I have a great love for reading, even if get to do it every so often.

5) on a less value based note, my father has huge sweet tooth that I inherited, we both drink light coffee, and dunk cookies in it.

this is really short list, I could proably make it go forever
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I am an old soul, too, and it has come through other significant input in my life (which may almost seem like parenting) more then my biological parents.

However, what I think I did get from my parents is:
From mom: following the truth and not the crowd and the idea that authority has it's place but that doesn't mean you shut your own mind off.

From dad: integrity and basic human kindness

That was a starting point for me and yes, those parental roots can go deep. Perhaps it is these that got manifested as my life's journey continued...I am now in my mid-50s. I know that sounds old, but my soul is like 180, mostly from many decades of immersing myself in historical and spiritual studies of several significant periods. That has reoriented my thinking/awareness substantially and forged a path for my entire existence.