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You can't make this stuff up!


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Nov 29, 2008
Goodness gracious. I feel bad for the victims as well as the perpetrators, but...yeah.


JACKSON, Ohio — Police say an angry 4-year-old Ohio boy grabbed a gun from a closet and shot his baby sitter.

Eighteen-year-old Nathan Beavers was hospitalized Sunday with minor wounds to his arm and side after the shotgun attack. Police say another teen was also injured.

Witnesses told police the child was angry because Beavers accidentally stepped on his foot. Beavers was watching the child at a mobile home in Jackson with several other teenagers and several other children.

Jackson County Sheriff John Shashteen says authorities are investigating. The child has not been charged.
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And #2 - I barely got through the first paragraph with a sane mind...

BOSTON — A cross-dressing, millionaire Harvard dermatologist serving life in prison for shooting his estranged wife to death has been found hanged in his cell, a prison spokeswoman said Tuesday. Richard Sharpe was found by his cellmate at MCI-Norfolk on Monday evening and was declared dead at a hospital, said Department of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin.

"He tied a bedsheet to the top bunk," Wiffin said. She declined to characterize the death as a suicide, however, saying it remained under investigation by the corrections department and the Norfolk district attorney's office. An autopsy was planned.

Sharpe, 54, had tried to hang himself in his cell in 2002.

He was convicted in 2001 of shooting his wife, Karen, in the foyer of her Wenham home in July 2000 as her brother and others looked on. In 2007, he was acquitted of charges he tried to hire a hitman to kill the prosecutor in his murder trial.

Sharpe had been a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty who ran several businesses outside his medical practice and parlayed his earnings into millions in the stock market.

Prosecutors said he killed his wife because he was angry over the prospect of losing $3 million in their divorce.

His arrest drew national attention when photographs of him wearing slinky dresses and fishnet stockings were widely published. His wife had said in earlier affidavits that he stole her birth control pills in an effort to enlarge his breasts.

At his trial, Sharpe testified that he began cross-dressing at a young age to escape his father's rage. Defense witnesses, including Sharpe's siblings, testified that Sharpe was abused for years by his father. He testified he didn't remember much about the night of the killing.

A defense psychiatrist said Sharpe suffered from a half-dozen disorders, including depression and intermittent explosive disorder, which causes bursts of rage or aggression. The expert said alcohol made them worse.

But prosecutors said Sharpe faked symptoms of mental illness. He did not kill his wife in a burst of rage, they argued, but planned the slaying after she left him.

Richard Sharpe's appellate lawyer, Michael Traft, called for a thorough investigation of Sharpe's death, saying his client had not seemed depressed recently. Just last week, Sharpe sent him a letter saying he was looking forward tutoring other inmates in math and computer science, Traft said.

"There was no indication that he was in any way despondent or had any contemplation of suicide," said Traft, who said he was preparing a motion for a new trial for Sharpe.

Mark Smith, a partner in the law firm that represented her in the divorce, said he hoped that Sharpe's death "brings some closure to this nightmare for the three Sharpe children."

The 2007 trial centered on allegations that Sharpe approached another prison inmate for help in killing Robert Weiner, who had brought the murder case against Sharpe as an Essex County prosecutor. Sharpe was acquitted in a four-day trial.

"Whenever a person takes their own life, obviously you feel badly for that person, but my true sympathy is with Karen Sharpe," Weiner said Tuesday. "She died needlessly."
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Wow. I really don't know what to say....
Yikes. People are stressin'!
Understatement of the decade.
lol, i guess you're right
Yup, people are crazy uptight bastards, with bastard filling, even some kids.
we were discussing the 4 yr old earlier tonight while having dinner...

i would say some discipline is much needed...
Hehehe, yea...I wonder how the kid knew where the gun was..hint hint.
Im a little confused by that too..."Oh yea so um babysitter, my toddler knows where the guns are at so don't fuck up".
Don't some closets have like shelves or something up real high inside of them? locks not work anymore? Oh...wait? I missed the memo on children target practice, how come they didn't have that when I was in preschool?:m077:
if no discipline for the course of their action, how would they respond when taken to court for a murder charge?

Sarcasm man.
Gee. How about the parents putting the (seemingly loaded) gun somewhere a FOUR YEAR OLD couldn't reach it. How hard could THAT be?? Four year olds can't be expected to make rational decisions regarding firearm use. They shouldn't be put in a position to have to make bad choices and then get disciplined for them.

So many really really wrongass people in the world :(
And it was a SHOT GUN. Not a hand gun. A huge honkin' shot gun! That kid knew how to aim and fire a shot gun, which means someone taught him how to use it.

A four year old. With a SHOT GUN.

What's next? Two-year-olds with Uzis?
Actually if he knew how to properly use the shotgun the babysitter wouldn't just have minor wounds, he'd be dead.
Apparently, it's his constitutional right :mmph:
A couple of other odd crimes:

Rod Ferrell- Teenage vampire killer who blugeoned his Girlfriend's parents to death with a crowbar for no apparent reason. [1996]

Mary Flora Bell- 11 year old english girl who murdered 4 year old Martin George Brown, a boy who went to the same nursey as she, by stabbing him with broke scissors. She also apparently laughed at his funeral when the coffin came by. [1968]

A couple of my favorite ones, though, Rod Ferrell is of the top of my list.
Im glad you all are into discussing these types of issues. My boy friend hates talking about it and I am constantly amazed, and interested to learn more. "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?". It is so sad, but at the same time you just want understand more about the situation...or at least I do.

Recently I discovered this younger man in my area who I have been serving coffee and organic pastries to has been accused of murdering a prostitute and severly beating 3 others. I found out a month ago and Im still kind of erked. Can't seem to loose interest on the internet news about it though. I wonder if that makes me sick, but at the same time...egh its life right?:m196:
Yeah, after all what can you do?
I hate talking about these issues with people too. People tend to think my laugh is freaky.
Lol People are people it seems they will never change lol I believe it