WOW! You'll never guess what I just did.

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Shai Gar

I just came back from hollywood where george lucas and I were having lightsaber fights, playing laser tag in stormtrooper outfits, dinner with billy joel and getting stoned chattering on about episodes 7, 8 & 9 (gungan Sith Lords, woah)... Anyway he filmed all of it and gave me it on dvd to take home as a memory.

The problem is he made the dvd professionally, all our adventures appearing on separate episodes like on a television series dvd... Anyway I want to save them on my computer but george deleted the original recordings.

Does anyone know a good dvd rappers to take tv episodes off a dvd individually and save them in .avi format?
Gungan Sith Lords... lmao.
yo yo,

-comes to a blank when trying to form a rap about dvds-

DeeeVeeeDeeee! Yo.
that's amaaaaazing! Can I see the videos too? George Lucas is AWESOme I can't believe you got to lightbsaber duel with him, it's so cool!!! =)
I most regretfully second this.

Come on, Shai, aren't ENTPs supposed to be smoother than that?

Careful guys,

He'll be out in full force if we don't stroke his ego somewhat, lol...

Great sharing Shai :D sounds like an amazing time! Dinner with Billy Joel, did he sing for you??? :mhula:
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Pax Imperii = Peace of the empire (peace on account of the empire)
Imperium Pax= empire.... .... peace
My french is very rusty... but I think Sanglier d'or would be the way to put it. Not sure though.
I totally guessed it. Right down to every detail.

Anyway, if you were serious about a DVD Ripping program, look into Handbrake. The only issue is that the program fazed out .avi as an extension because Handbrake said so (they actually had an explanation, but I'm not motivated to look it up at the moment). However, it supports the h.264 video codec, so you can tweak the settings to get the best encode possible.