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  • the girl is Keira Kneightely in Pride and Prejudice. The background is from a picture I thook in one of the Gaudi houses in Barcelona

    where is yours from?
    Life is short, at times incredibly sad, and at times incredibly beautiful. If, during the course of our life cycle, there are people we can connect and share with, then we are blessed indeed, and distance is no great obstacle. I wish you well with your relationships, and with your life.
    Oh, that is very nice of you to say!! I like the idea I would be experienced as comforting and warm very much. Thank you!

    I suppose there is as much truth to what you had to say about me as there would be about many infjs. On whole though, I actually think it's probably more true of others here than it is about me. I actually often feel frustratingly bewildered about what makes people work and how best to engage. Maybe because I have some level of skill at understanding and engagement, I feel more at a loss when I don't understand, but well, not understanding is my stronger experience than understanding. Funny, as I thought about the idea of seeing strings that others didn't see but keeping quiet, I laughed. I realized I'm like a little child without pretense. If I saw strings, I'd be like, "Look! Strings!" LOL

    I wonder, how close to your description do you think you might come? Sometimes we can be blinded to our direct experience, but we see echoes of our image reflected back to us through someone else.
    I don't mind at all. It would give me pleasure to know the comment was paid forward. :)

    Um, as I recall I was engaged in a study of personal interest. I believe the book is [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Natashas-Dance-Cultural-History-Russia/dp/0312421958"]Natasha's Dance[/ame]. I became interested in Russian culture after reading Anna Karenina a few years back. As I'm considering it, I don't think I ever finished the book about Russia. Maybe I'll have to pull it down from the shelf again.

    Are you enjoying your time here?
    I do well. I've been enjoying your posts and I'm glad you've chosen to share that beauty here. Best to you.
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