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Where does art exist?


Sep 5, 2009
What is art to you?
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Get up early one morning, watch the sun rise. Pay special attention to the sky and the clouds. Not as the sky slowly changes from midnight black to a dark navy blue, bright yellows will dance in the sky as streak of red fade in and out of view.

Slowly as the morning moves on watch as one master piece after another is painted into the sky, then wait for the evening to come and start again.

There is not better artist the Lord my God.


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Art is not a thing, it is an expression. It's one thoughts put on display for the world to see, passion given a view, love given a pen.

It exist seperate from the rest of the world and it's inhabitants. It's unique, existing within every one and at the same time outside of everyone.
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Art in my opinion is a subjective science. Whereas objective science(chemistry, biology and physics) tries to explain the nature of reality with equations and observations, art on the other hand tries to explain the nature of reality with the unique touch of human expression.

Even though I'm not too much into art I respect it's unique aspect of emotions and thought-provoking endeavors that its aspect is trying to convey.


This is a painting portraying Damocle's sword. I like paintings that have lots of symbolism, like this one. For those of you who do not know the meaning behind this painting, this should give a good outline:

The Sword of Damocles is frequently used in allusion to this tale, epitomizing the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power. More generally, it is used to denote the sense of foreboding engendered by a precarious situation,[7] especially one in which the onset of tragedy is restrained only by a delicate trigger or chance. Shakespeare's Henry IV expands on this theme: "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown";[8] compare the Hellenistic and Roman imagery connected with the insecurity offered by Tyche and Fortuna

Source: Wikipedia
So, are you saying that this work cannot be fully appreciated as an artistic work unless we know the story or artist intention in depicting it?

Well, that will depend on what art is to you Res. Many people interpret art as to how it makes them feel, what vibes they get from it; while others(like me) try to figure out the meaning and the context as to what made the artist paint it in the first place.
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There is not better artist the Lord my God.

I feel a similar way.

Personally I view nearly everything as an art. I view the personality and identity of every person to be a work of art. Art to me is any form of expression of what exists in the mind and what is captured by the mind. Every word spoken, every action is a work of art. And to me even the way we live our lives is an art
Art is everywhere really. I see art in watching the horses out my window, the environment around me and even a dismal dirty city back ally. It all gets me thinking, as much as viewing a painting, poem or even a song.
for me art exists not completely within the individual human, as say an aesthetic lens through which to view and interpret nature, but as a partially separate world of its own that has been created by humans, and yet requires human interest for its continued existence. to me it consists in all the ideas that humans have had about the meanings of their existence, creatively expressed. i see it as a giant puzzle that cannot be completed, with millions of interdependent pieces, all relating to each other and mapping out what has been understood of the endless variety of human life and permutations of abstract emotional thought. for me the most powerful works of art have been those which have described with human emotion things about humanity that philosophy cannot describe with logic alone - the mysterious, delicate, and redemptive world of human understanding. they seem to take what has already happened or been possible in art and reach outside of it and transcend it to redefine what art is and in doing so show us that we can always learn, do, and be so much more. i see art as being as real and as false as the world inside the mirror and i am totally comfortable with that. hope this isn't too garbled;
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I agreed with Barnabas and Ria.

Art is God's gift, and art is anywhere. Everywhere. Every aspect can be called art. Art of painting, music, economics, politics, murders, assassination, bribing, altruism, giving, receiving, sex, love, cooking......


It's just how we looked at it, our values, and our perceptions that altered the way we see them.

But as far as enjoying 'art' goes, I think I enjoy a good political maneuvering as much as I enjoyed a good food and as much as I enjoyed listening to a good song. BUT one of those things must happen less often than it should..... >_>;
art is everywhere, but its not picasso or mozart. true art is something unexplainable to everyone but the one person who created it. have you ever doodled something that looked hideous in others eyes but was the most beautiful thing that yours have ever seen? or how about something that actually looked somewhat looked good but others could never understand it to the degree that you do?
in my opinion something like the mona lisa that can be sold for millions isint art, its just something really cool and old made by a celebrity. you do not find true art on sale for two reasons, 1. it is priceless, 2. nobody likes it

but then again im a fuckin retard and dont really have the tiniest shrewd of knowledge to back up what im saying
"Art" has several different meanings. Where it exists and what it means to me would depend on which form of art, I suppose. Wish I had an hour to touch on each meaning.

I would rather think of artful as opposed to artificial, but which way do we go from here?

Fifteen minutes before sunrise this morning the sky was very artful, and I did also think of how beautiful it was. My explanation would not do it justice. The different shades of blues and oranges reflecting on the horizontal clouds were magnificent. I could most likely never paint something so wonderful. If I were to try, my painting would then be somewhat artificial as opposed to the reality of art in the sky I was blessed to witness.

I was filled with admiration, knowing something that happens most every day is not as beautiful as it was this morning. It would have been difficult watching the lines in a sportfisherman while heading east into the sunrise, but I thought how great it would have been to have been offshore this morning trying to enjoy them both at the same time. A smooth sea would have presented the moments in breathtaking reality, and those that know me at all know Who I would have been thanking for my being there to witness it. I was thankful to have been with someone special to share it with this morning.
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I think of art as a skill - in an artist, if you would.

Beautiful objects are works of art - that is, products of skill.

What kind of skills do I think can be called art? Skills that let one effectively express externally whatever conception of beauty one has internally. (Be it proportion, coordination of elements/colours/subjects, order (watch-making is an art - I think), etc. )
Art exsists wherever you see it.
It could be in the sunset, or the stars you see at night, or your favorite piece of music etc.
God to me is the master of art, everything we create is based on the work of god.
What is art to you?

what is art... art can't be defined in words, it must be seen to be known, and you have to have the heart to see it. art is everywhere, and yet so easy miss~!