What use is MBTI?


Right the First Time!
For me, the only real application I can see coming from it is an understanding that not everyone is like you, not everyone will think, feel or act like you, if they do act differently to you this does not mean they are broken, or wrong or a freak, they are unique individuals with their own perspectives and value. It can help parents realise that it's unlikely their children will be the same type as them and that this is not a problem, the child should be embraced and encouraged no matter how alien they may seem.

If we could get people (mostly SJ types) to realise this way of thinking, life would be a whole lot easier for a whole heap of people around the world and people would be free and encouraged to develop into very valuable members of society without having to constantly fit into the social "norm".

What good do you think comes from MBTI?
For me personal and two-fold; Firstly it's a way of understanding myself better, particularly through hearing what others say about my type on forums like this and without pride or ego seeing what truth is in it and deciding if that is who I want to be. Lots of negative things are said about INTJs by other types and while a lot can be attributed to misunderstandings and inaccurate stereotypes there is also truth in some comments.

Secondly it’s a way of understanding the unseen thought process of others. Incorrect typing is dangerous here but when it’s right it can help me understand their motivation better, as an NT I want to see the big picture understanding where someone is coming from without having to ask is an advantage.

It has no practical appliaction for me outside of my own personal understanding.