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Oct 5, 2008
...you find yourself surrounded with the most? what type (if any) have you never stumbled across?

the three people closest to me are INFPs. it's bizzare! i've never met another INFJ in person.
Hrmmm...let's see. I mostly come across ESFJs and INTPs. For some strange reason they just stick to me like fly paper. The three closest types to me are INFP, INFJ, and ESFJ.

I've never met an ENTJ (nor would I like to) and I hardly EVER run into other INFJs. I only know one other INFJ aside from my myself.
I'm always surrounded by EXFPs in school! Which isn't a bad thing really, they're usually really nice.

But I don't think I've met a ISFP. Or maybe I have, but I just don't know what to look for...
My friends are INTP INTJ's and ISTJ.
I wish sometimes i could be as ... I dunno ... Evil? Less caring about others feelings? Seems so awsome at times. But mostly I just wonder how the hell they can think like that

My family is ESFx (2 sisters mother and Father), I think they have given up to understand me by now

Over the internet I have several friends who are ISFP's and ISFJ's. They are awsome.
But we are very much different at times

Dunno if i answered your question. But i had an urge to post something and I love the monkeys ...


Btw: I read somewhere that INFJ's have a hard time to find out that other people is INFJ's. Dunno if that's true or it's just the fact thats not alot of us around.
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It's easy, just gotta think about the ends rather than the means, or the feelings
Well I'm surrounded by ISxJs by default but the ones that I chose to hang with are usually ISxP's or ESFx's. Sadly I don’t stumble upon INFJs often.
Atm, Im actually most surrounded by ISTJ's and probably ESTP's. Otherwise I meat all the types on few occasions. I met an ENTJ this summer for the first time and that was the only personality type missing in the checklist :]

I have this INTJ classmate though that I would like to talk alot more to then I do now, but he seems more interested in talking to a ENTP instead whenever he's around. Ashame, cause when we do talk it's about specific stuff that we both appreciate, and we come up with pretty random subjects.
I am mostly surrounded by N types. There's a fairly even mix of Es and Is, Ts and Fs and Js and Ps.

I don't have regular contact with any ESxx types,
I honestly don't know the type of most people I meet/know. I do know that my best friend is INTJ- actually, of the people whose types I know, I seem to run into INTJ's a lot.

Family-wise, my dad is an INTJ and my mom is an ENFP. I wouldn't be surprised if most of my siblings were NF or NT, as well, but I can't be sure.
...you find yourself surrounded with the most? what type (if any) have you never stumbled across?

the three people closest to me are INFPs. it's bizzare! i've never met another INFJ in person.

I tend to find myself surrounded by ISFJs, ENFPs, or ENFJs. ENFPs are so fun to be around. :) I have never met another INFJ...
i kind of wish infjs were easier to type or get to know! i'd really love to meet another in person. but then again, i like the idea of being more difficult to type.

maybe i already have, but haven't been able to type them... :meyes:

lorkan, wow xD you've met all the types, that's really cool.

i've noticed that i really enjoy the company of the intjs i've met, and some of you might agree. they're also awesome when they're in the asshole mode. it makes their sweet mode all the more special.

but i love my infps because i feel safe being emotional around them :mcute:
I have come across another INFJ female at work - we IMMEDIATELY clicked. As I often get a strong 'feeling' when first meeting someone (can be positive OR negative) - this time I was so intrigued and a couple of weeks later asked her to do the online test, and => INFJ (!)

I love being around INTJ (both male and female). There is just some kind of mutual respect and understanding, there is a subtle difference b/w our thinking that begs to be explored (at least from my side). I love to make them laugh - they usually need it ;-) Think they are one of the few types that actually "get" me. Not many around either, treasure the INTJs you find...

My husband is an ENFP although the "E" part of him annoys me sometimes (he is such a social animal, and I just want my weekends quiet). But we have always got on well - we are a great team.
I like to surround myself with ESxPs, because their humor is basically awesome ("Hey, stop drinking hatorade!")
At the school I'm at, there are a lot of N types. I know about 8 INFJs, as well as a bunch of ENFJs, are we get along spectacularly.
I get along with ENTJs, INTJs, and quite a few other S types well as well :)
I guess intuitives as well. I know an infj, enfj, and I dont know what my other friends are other than that they are intuitive.