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What song have you been listening to on repeat recently?

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AURORA – “Your Blood”

Itʼs the words, and the performance, no question. Soprano sweetness.

But that arrangement! The continual evolution and effortless bridging. I love the pedal-style bass. The ambiance, echo delays, and reverberation on her voice. Especially as done in the call and response sections, where the response is truly massive but filtered. The vocal mic placement with proximity effect and that high-shelving eq to get that vocal frost and airy formants. I love the squeeze on the vocal to emphasize the breath, dental fricatives, and plosives, especially how you can hear the under-50 millisecond early reflection imaging of the soundstage from the plosive utterance. The stutter syncopation drums with the arpeggiation in the end section is wonderful in that it takes the song further into pure wonder. The mix is superb considering how much is going on. So crafted, yet so organic, and the space carved out for the vocal is amazing, the clarity they achieved.

I cannot get enough. Will I hear anything on this level for the rest of the year?

I hope so, but itʼs hard to imagine.