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What is your view on charity?

Wow. That's an amazing video Flavus! Yeah, so very easy to say 'I give to this' or 'I support that' but who really gives a damn about everyday people? Who gives a damn about the "throw-away" people of society? I really liked that one sign "This is freedom?"

God, I can't wait for mankind to grow up and start acting like we care about one another! But in saying this, I admit my guilt. What am I doing? Waiting for change. But that's not how you effect change. Feeling guilty is no good unless it motivates you to action. *Milon is pensive now*

There's a difference between giving and spending. If you spend and get nothing back, you just got cheated, and you'd be a fool not to notice. But the whole point of giving is not to hep yourself at all. Would you consider Shai Gar and Deathjam to be fools because they give their own personal resources to fund this forum? What do they get back?

They get to have a forum they made and feel good about it.
Actually there are economical downsides to charity and non-government officials. This is because it 'interferes' and changes the flow of the economy. On the other hand think it is good. It induces developement but most importantly provides necessities for people. Still, as it imposes a hard fall in economic growth, such as recession, it is not good on anyone.

But then again because of the empathic person I am, I wouldn't be happy flourishing in money when people suffer, knowing that I did nothing to help either. So I'm totally for it :)