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What is your definition for family?


C'est la vie
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May 11, 2008
I'm not asking you to find a Webster definition or copy pasta from Wiki, but just to provide your personal thoughts on what constitutes a family.
I like the Coupland definition: "A family is a bunch of people god put together by pointing at names in the phone book, and if you don't care for these strangers for the next 70 years or so you will feel like an asshole." Roughly quoted.

My take on it is that there are families you choose and families you are born into. If you are lucky you will be loved and respected for who you are in your family setting.
A family to me can be as small as a parent-child relationship with mabye one or two relatives. Or as large as 50 people. So long as everyone is connected in some way (marriege, biology, adoption), and people care for one another, I call it a family.