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What is Introverted Intuition?

For me, I can look at someone and will have an idea of something with that person. That abstract idea is almost an index card tied to my Se when is like that fish on the bottom of the fish tank that eats everything. The abstract idea is a key to the universal library of my experience and to me God or His Spirit. Only way I can explain it. Once I make a connection or link it almost becomes a download of sorts into me, my essence. It like I actually download their essence? Oh my God this is trippy. My Fe feels what my Ni is retrieving from my spirit. It's almost like I reliving with them with my Fe. Then I do my best with my Ti to figure it out and my head explodes. People look at me like how did you know? I kind of think we can all do this, but that is like someone telling me I can exercise my xSxx ability. Ugh. I'm about 80-90% on my xNxx :) Not sure if I sound like the Riddler or not, but that's my attempt. Oh wait. I can do this with someone across the ocean. Anywhere really. I think I'm in the high 90s on percentage success. Trial and error. Now, I use it to counsel others. Freaking INFJ man! I feel so good inside when I can help someone get that weight off their chest or back because I feel it and want to get rid of it for them and know I can. The catch is who the hell are you man? It's like that just about everyday. At least it's not boring :) Helping humanity one heart at a time.