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What If There Were No Apocalypse?

Let's forget apocalypse and focus on the destructive power of ennuie. :meyes:
While I do frequently imagine apocalyptic scenarios, I am by no means enthusiastic about actually experiencing one.
Okay, I saw it for about a second. My mind feels swollen from that drunken mesh of War of the Worlds meets Day After Tomorrow Se-thriller scenario thingy.

Meh, I just want to die peacefully. Now numb the darn tool.

Apparently it coincides with 2012 "end of the world" prophecies. If Palin is running for president that year...
Who wants a Hockey Mum as next president? Honestly...

"Oh deary deary me, I'm going to run the united states and deal with other nations in the world with all the wisdom I learnt at the hockey ringside watching my children play sports. Oh deary deary me, only Abstainance education works, because it did wonders for my child, who will soon have her own child..."

see my signature for why obama is a genius.