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What does it mean to be a teen?


Sep 5, 2009
What does it mean to be a teen today?


How do you acknowledge and work through the challenges while fighting the stereotypes associated with this age group?
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that you are an individual between the age of 13 and 19
Life seems to be flowing quickly, and soon I will be passed my teen years. There is certainly a lot of advantages and disadvantages of being a teen today. In the competitive world we live in today, there's a lot of pressure put onto us. We are constantly reminded we are the future of the world, we are the ones who will go to mars, we are the ones who will cure cancer, we are the ones who will fix global warming. We are basically put this idealistic goals which we are expected to accomplish. We are also constantly reminded that we are the ones who will fix humanities past mistakes. The rise of new technologies has also affected teens today. We are heavily depended on technology not only for our leisure but for school and other responsibilities. Many teens today text, there really is not much verbal communication. There is social networking sites which are heavily popular as well as sites for watching videos such as youtube and for getting information like wikipedia. Video games are very popular..I am noticing there is more acceptance of previously discouraged subjects like homosexuality but regardless discriminatory prejudices are still present.
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It feels a little like....


That is how I see teens and how I saw teens even when I was one.
(Actually, I saw 'teens' and 'teenagers' as being different things)
Me spidey senses are tingling. I sense a pattern here. hmm
As I'm leaving my teenage years behind me forever 2 weeks from now, this is an interesting question. To me, teens may be the least understood and least guided age group. I'm sure this is largely owed to the fact that many teens don't really want to be guided and understood, or at least they tend to get pissed off when people try and fail to understand them.

It seems difficult, since teenagers can't fully relate to anyone older or younger, since they're kind of in between. The only ones they can count on for support are each other, but the types of attitudes which are often fostered during the teen years are often cruel and competitive, so for some it can be hard to count on anyone. I know I felt pretty alone throughout most of my teen-hood. My dad died when I was 14, so I was basically going through grief and puberty at the same time. On top of that, I moved to a new city & school. I feel like I would have been receptive to support, and in fact I think I did seek it out, but never seem to find what I was looking for. But I got through it, and I feel much better now, but not all do. I think there must be ways our society can improve helping confused and troubled teens, the seeds of several social problems are planted in these years, and I'm not really sure, but I would guess that suicide rates are higher at these ages.
What does it mean to be a teen? (this will mainly apply to late teens and college)
It means wondering that when i'm done with college will the economy be in good enough position that I'll be able to pay back my college loans.

It means being in a stage where adults are finally starting to treat you as one of their own, but are still willing to use the divided of there supposed knowledge they have gained with age when it helps them argue them down (don't get me wrong, I know they are older and wiser, but it annoys me when they think that automatically makes them right)

It means being in the stage where you know you want to be in a relationship, and your worried because you know it probably won't last forever, but you really want it to, and you just want the person that you eventually get in a relationship to feel the same way.

It means finally taking a big bite out of freedom, but making sure not to take more than you can chew, because at this age your safety net might not be able to catch you

It means being the future of your country having people remind you that you are indeed that.

It means having watched technology and what it could do increase at astounding rates.

It means having gone through an education system that prepared you for jobs that as of right now doesn't exist.

It means also a lot more, but I cant think of any right now.
What does it mean to be a teen?

I believe being a teen is about learning and discovering who you are and where you stand.
As a teen I was homeschooled so I was sheltered from teenage peer pressure, this was prehaps the best decision my mother made as it gave me the freedom to learn what I wanted to learn and most importantly, learn at my own pace.
As a teen most of my friends are elderly people, as I felt they were the people that really understood me, I never got along with teens my own age. I always felt alienated around them.
I never fitted the teen stereotype, I had a very low self esteem growing up and everything felt backwards.
Leaving my childhood behind was not easy, but it never is for any teen. Being to old and being to young was something that I had to deal with.
I think the end of teenhood is time when you have to sit down and think what path you want to take (carrer wise) for many this is not easy. I hope that I have made the right choice.
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I don't like being a teen bwahahhahaha.

Uhmm... I don't know. Most teens I know are the people who are carefree and most of them don't care about other people. Most don't reflect about life and their experiences. Most go partying after school every Friday.

Some things I like about being a teen is.......... there are a lot of people who you can ask for guidance and stuff. Oh and you get to reflect on what you like to do in life and you have the time to develop some talents or skills. Oh and.... I think life is super not that serious because you still have parents to depend on and you don't really have to work hard to support yourself and stuff.

What I like being a teen is it's time to develop yourself. To prepare yourself for the future you or the future :). You don't have to rush time because you have the time.

Oh!!! and you get to meet a lot of bad teens bwahahahahhaa. It's kinda challenging because most of the teens.. or some bwahahhaha are like....... I don't know.. they're still kinda super carefree and stuff and not really that serious... so, they kinda act....!!?!??!?! and you get to experience a lot of other teens who act !?!?!?!?!? so you learn how to deal with it. How to react and it's a time like you can strengthen yourself.

Being a teen for me is like being in a school. Before they let you go, you have to learn things. I guess it only depends on how you lived your life as a teen. If you really tried to learn from it.
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