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Vicky Jo's simple one-stop distinction between J and P: valid?


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Jun 6, 2011
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Vicky Jo (Icky Vicky had a squeaky ball) has a neat distinction between Ps and Js. She asks you to do two arm motions. One of them will feel more comfortable than the other, and this should tell you whether you are a P or a J. It's a very simple dichotomy and you can't go wrong with it. Try it and report your preference and whether it makes sense, please. I came out clearly as a P so changed my distinction from J to P.
Whether or not her test is correct is irrelevant. There's no such thing as absolutely being J or P. If anything, it would be more of a continuum.
These kind of sites are what convince me that mbti is by and for infjs.
That test (chopping vs. sheaves) is inconclusive for me. Neither feels natural. In fact, both feel downright silly and awkward.

The stuff about informing/directing makes sense, but still somewhat inconclusive for me. I think I'm mostly informing, but I suspect some people would say I'm directing.
Wonkavision, and others: try the test as if you are in front of people, versus by yourself. I think I change accordingly. I can't remember which is which, but they feel different. In front of people I am much more ready to chop. By myself I am much more ready to bring in the sheaves. Which one is therefore the real me?

I wish there was a scenario in which the truth was more likely. Some MBTI specialists claim it's the you that's in stocking feet that is more likely the real you.

However, since the system was designed to tell you which sector of the economy you might be best to work in, it may be everything is backwards. I find the unsettledness of the whole system to be quite funny.