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I don't feel like an INFP and I don't think like an INTJ.I am not certain what type I am.

You seem like an INFP to me. It makes the most sense when I think about it.
How so, Indigo?

Blaaaah, whyyyyy do you have to ask! :tongue1: To be honest, I cant explain. It is just the way you word things, from what you say about the way you think. I can't put it to words.
Well see, in alot of other things that I have seen, you are very very ambiguous and or unwilling to choose a side or pin something down.
::strokes chin:: I'm listening.
For the most part, that's true. There are very few things I will ever set in stone.
Well, that right there locks your P in place. You already told yourself that you are an IN varient (which I agree with).

As for your F, you seem to put more care into people, who they are and what they do, as opposed to facts and details, which is more F.
I am certain, I took test several times (high I and J, moderate N and F), but it's more important that I find myself in description. Before I took test, I had some very bad time through my life (see topics about not fitting in or being lonely or distant from others even when I like them). But, finding out that I am like that because I am simply like that and I function in that way helped me to finally (well I am 30, but better late than never:)) accept myself (I know it sound banal, but it's truth).
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