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type me based on my picture

Poetic Justice

Dec 12, 2008
Ok now I have my picture as an Avatar and it's not as obvious as "oh he just thinks The Simpsons is funny" does anyone want to type me based on my picture?
Hmm...I have to think about it, PJ. Do you have any other pics of you, or maybe a soundbite? To me, you seem more INTJ'ish, but it's hard to say.
No I don't really do photos.

I'll take some more though.

Sound bite? res asked me to do that earlier as well. I clicked on the link she provided but it said "content blocked by your organisation". My home PC doesn't have internet at the moment (damned Sky) so I'm using my works laptop and library computers with a special log in code provided by my work so they both link back to my employer which I guess doesn't want me using that site.

When my Sky contract ends soon I can switch to Virgin and get internet back on at home (long story) so I will do it then

The INTJ description fits me almost aswell as the INFJ description BTW.

I think I am an INFJ with a high T function