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The Wolfman


Captain Obvious
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May 8, 2008
Type me.
Did you find the 1992 version of Dracula too artsy, or the 1999 remake of The Mummy too comedic in tone? Do you long for some good old-fashioned monster movies, as they were made back in the '30s and '40s? Do you think werewolves and silver bullets belong in Victorian-era London, rather than freakin' Oregon? Then this is for you:


The one thing that gives me pause about this production is the replacement of Danny Elfman. If it was really for scheduling conflicts, then why didn't they use any of the score that he had already written? I don't get it. Maybe the replacement (Paul Haslinger) will write a great score, but I think Elfman's was pretty much a sure thing; why take the risk?

Anyway... come February 12th, the werewolf will hopefully recover its reputation.
I would go see this. . .
I'm excited, but I'm rather fond of werewolf stories. So I'm biased.
uh, Hugo Weaving is in it, badass
Gave me chills. I haven't seen a decent monster movie in ages.