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The New iPod Nano

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Nov 12, 2008
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Apple updated its line of iPods yesterday, and the iPod nano by far got the biggest facelift and functionality update:


It is now a one and a half inch touchscreen square (largest memory model is 16gig). So my question for you is, do you think this is an upgrade, downgrade, or flatline change for the nano line?
I wouldn't want that. Too easy to lose.
Pretty awesome little thing, though it's design feels like an itouch divided in half which is sort of awkward.
I'm happy with my ipod video thankyouverymuch.

and my only reaction to this is whaaaaaaaaatt???
As far as size is concerned, the new form factor for the Nano is definitely an upgrade. However, I'm somewhat disappointed to see the drop for video playback and recording. I guess with the new iTouch facelift, the touch can take the place of the Nano as a video recording device, but I always thought video recording on the Nano was neat. In respect to functionality, I think Apple downgraded the Nano in that sense.

That being said, I hope Apple doesn't plan to discontinue the iPod Classic (although, I shouldn't really care, since I already have one). The Classic is now the middle ground, it seems, between the Nano/Shuffle and the Touch.

On an unrelated note, I think the colored fingerprint font Apple is using to advertise the new Nano and Touch is pretty awesome.
I think it's a downgrade because I liked the clickwheel that the nano had and the fact that it was smaller then the normal ipod. It was easy to conseal and use without having to look at it. It also wasn't so small that it was hard to use.

Now it's just a touchscreen square, which is a smaller screen. I don't really like touch screen to begin with and this nano pretty much removed features if you ask me. Not to mention this is too small (indeed that is a line that is possible to cross).

Nope, I am sorely dissapointed. If they wanted to make this into a new type of ipod, sweet. They didn't though. Not to mention the biggest thing I wanted out of this is more memory space. I am going to be upgrading to an ipod touch once I can afford it in a few months. I need the memory space, and the fact that it can do teh interwebz it will be a nice toy for a year or two.
Gather an iPod Touch and a utility knife. Cut your 6.5 square cm screen to a tiny square possessing a quarter of that screen space. Because the rest of the product had to be sacrificed, cut your flash drive in half also. Sell it to someone for 66% of what you paid for the original iPod touch. This is the new iPod nano: too small to be a fake iPod Touch, too weak to carry much (and a cramped screen does not work so well for movies). This would not be a problem if Apple established reasonable price points.

Rather, it seems as though they are attempting another sexy product knowing that it will sell regardless of how much they mux it. A glossy, tiny screen with fancy, garish colors and rudimentary, pseudo-iPod Touch functionality does not a product make.
I will not be happy till the Ipod nano is an actual nanometer
Still inferior to all other ipod versions except shuffle.
I have an older model of the nano which I like just fine. I started looking up new ipods just the other day because I am pretty sure mine has just about had it. I was disappointed that it was small and touch screen. I personally like the click wheel a lot, especially because I use my ipod in the car and I need to be concentrating on the road and not trying to swipe through menus and such on a touch screen.

I considered getting an ipod touch as well but it just doesn't seem practical. I think I'll just end up going back to my little tiny shuffle.
Wait, one and a half inch touch screen? I have long fingers but working that would be like me trying to program a nuclear reactor with my feet.
Wait, one and a half inch touch screen? I have long fingers but working that would be like me trying to program a nuclear reactor with my feet.
You can program a nuclear reactor :O!?