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The Eurovision Song Contest


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Dec 29, 2009
Hi all,

the stage is set for the ultimate entertainment clash, in Portugal on Saturday the 12th of May.

Eurovision 2018.

I don't expect the UK to do very well, given our recent actions, but who knows ?

It's without a doubt the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen on TV. But in a bizarre way that's what makes it entertaining, lol.

The semi finals begin today, and it's the final on Saturday. I will add a poll so members can have their own vote. I will include America, as Eurovision has a "strange" sense of geography.

Previous entrants have included Australia, and Israel... Anyway it's just for fun. No doubt it will either be ignored, or there will be a huge row. We'll see.

Oh I've included one of the UK's great triumphs, Bucks Fizz. It's a little risque, but all in context. Ah.. 1981.

Aaah the Eurovision Song Contest. Also known as "We will give our neighboring country tons of points, even though we didn't like their song, cause then they will vote for us too!" Celebrating Corruption! :tearsofjoy:
Which explains why England always ends up on the bottom, as they're on an island :p

Also, the same discussions arise every single year, like freaking clockwork. "Which countries should be allowed to participate?" "Which language(s) should songs be sung in?" "Should England,Germany, France and Spain be allowed to participate by default?"

Anyway, Eurovision has produced some nice songs over the last few years.

And then there is this farce.. :unamused:

Best Eurovision ever? 2006. :wink:
@Lady Jolanda you think Eurovision is corrupt ???

You are so cynical, who will you accuse next , FIFA ? ;)

I think the absurdity of it all is the attraction, lol. I loved the older ones, in the eighties with all the technical errors.

"Here we go now, live to Rome .. oh we've lost the feed. Never mind let's talk to the Spanish panel in Madrid... Oh we have a problem there too. (Sounds of shouting and swearing in the background).

It was always hosted here by an Irish presenter Terry Wogan who would get slowly drunk over the course of the show. It was hilariously bad. :)
I think the absurdity of it all is the attraction, lol.
Yes, I love the camp elements. People who don't like the ESC generally say that it's because the songs are bad. But that's also a part of the charm. Almost every year there are a couple of songs I can actually like, and many which are unbelievably cheesy or tacky with all kinds of strange gimmicks. It's also something I fondly remember from my childhood and I still like many of the 80s songs, 1983 being my favourite year. I think there was a slump in quality circa 1995-2005 so maybe younger people don't have such childhood memories.

This Frida Boccara's winning song from 1969 is probably my favourite.

Cynical? Not at all LOL ;)

Yes, the absurdity is the fun of it. Of course I couldn't enjoy the 80's songs cause I wasn't born yet, but .. come on, who can forget the hilarity of this entry in 2006 (like I said, best year ever!):

So, who else thought Isreal's re-imagining of the Chicken Dance was the highlight of the evening? :tearsofjoy:
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If you could pick an entry for Eurovision, what would America's be ?
I don't think Arcade Fire would qualify as a Eurovision artist since they're quite well-known in Europe. To choose an American candidate you'd have to adhere to secret Eurovision rules defining who can participate. Choose one:

1. An artist who won or at least participated in a singing contest like American Idol over ten years ago, but hasn't been heard of since then. Must not be known anywhere else, at least not in European countries.
2. A band that had one or two hits in the 80s which are still played on the oldies radio stations.
3. An artist who's only recently got a record deal and therefore has nothing to lose.
4. A local artist who's so popular in Minnesota that the popularity won't suffer from finishing second from the bottom, and who wants a chance to be heard elsewhere. Maybe some Iowans will start to buy the records as well! If you want a boost consider buying the song from Sweden.
5. A joke entry that makes everybody cringe since most people don't find it funny at all.

Before the contest the media must get crazy and write articles about how you're surely going to win, how there's been positive attention. After you don't get in top ten, be amazed that the third rate artist wasn't understood by Europe, moan about the loss being the result of political voting that had nothing to do with music, or berate yourself and doom the artist into oblivion. Better luck next year.
To choose an American candidate you'd have to adhere to secret Eurovision rules

Ha ha. I agree, but I think we should accept all American entries. They're not comfortable following rules, ask Iran.. *politics, boom !

In the poll, I'm just gonna list the countries, not the songs. Because I'm basically very lazy. ;)

Being totally honest, the entire thing is just another desperate attempt to get back with @Milktoast Bandit

Sshh. Don't tell no one..
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Sweet, sorowful, sappy & all American as it gets ❤ ...oh, but the words nail it :smooch:
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I suspect he's British though

I've never heard of him, but I have heard the UK's entry "Storm". It's absolutely terrible imho, so I guess that means we might win.
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Wow, 'we' actually went through to the finale. Wtf. :frowning::grin:
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Well, I can't add a poll after all, as it only permits 20 options and there are 26 entries. Lol :)

Still it should be a laugh, anyway.
I haven't heard all the songs yet, but of the songs I know so far Norway and Estonia are my favourites. I'm impressed by Rybak's ability to perform in a way that looks happy and yet natural. Regarding Estonia I like the style more than the song; when it comes to opera it's a bit clichéd. I also sort of liked Lithuania, but for some reason it's more difficult to accept that kind of "I'm moved by my own song" performance than the gestures of happiness which probably aren't any more natural in a situation like this. So I get this feeling that "oh maybe I'm starting to feel moved, but I shouldn't, I don't want to be manipulated like this".

Spain which just went on has a similar thing going on. It's like the cynic and the romantic in me are disagreeing about whether I should like the song.

I'm glad Portugal won last year since they had kept sending more traditional songs while never winning. I miss the time when there were more national elements, different languages etc.