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The Difference


Oct 15, 2008
are there any, and i mean any Distinct differences bettween the INFP, and the INFJ
There are, but it's a long list subtlety's .

Try telling us about yourself.
There was a thread earlier (that I can't seem to find...) where someone asked for help in determining if they were INFJ or INFP. Well, the best thing I got from that thread, personally, was this site

That's all I got...that is, until you describe more of what you're thinking/why you posted/etc.
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haha well its kind of hard to decribe myself in a nutshell, so im gonna have to brainstorm some ideas first, but i posted this because i seem to be caught in between the two. I have characteristics of both, and i just want to find out what i truly am. I am not the most organized person when it comes to keeping like my room clean. But i like knowing where stuff is. My car is really clean, and i like to keep my work organized. Im not one to get angry that easy, and i do have patience for alot of things.
At work and home I am solidly a J, but in other situations where I am not automatically 'in charge' I switch heavily to the P end of things. They are so close, that any of us, I think, could easily move in between the two.
So like you I seem to be caught in between much of the time, however I still type out as an F on every test I have taken.
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It's always a preference. It's what you prefer doing, most of the time. So, if the majority of the time you prefer "P" things, then you're a "P" - and the opposite is true ("J" preferences most of the time = "J.").

No one has a 100% preference across the board, but we have things we like better or do better than others. Think of it that way. :D
INFPs are a little bit more crazy. ^^
that website really helped me out alot, and ive finally have come to a conclusion, i am an INFP, thanks for your help guys!
ha i need to change my avatar now because i only put it as mel gibson because hes an INFJ, also my favorite actor to