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[ENTJ] The 2020 Vice Presidential Debate (Kamala Harris vs Mike Pence)

Who won the 2020 VP debate?

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Jun 26, 2017
3w4, 3-8-7

Let's watch the United States Vice Presidential Debate. Click on the video above. We're going to comment together here about what the candidates say.

The candidates are Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. I'm not going to describe their platforms here. I will let both candidates speak for themselves in the video above.

We'll also be watching the debate together in Discord.
Gonna try something new and take notes of each section and see what I think of everything. Probably not now though since I don't have time to watch the full debate.

I will say Pence won the corona response thing probably. "We could have lost 2.2 million, and we were told we'd lose 200,000 minimum" is a good response, even if it's a little weird given the reopening of the country and all that.
The moderator was either playing favorites or was just weak, being soft on Pence when he goes way over time and cutting Kamala short.
I'm kind of grateful that the VPs only debate once, Harris is too bright a star compared to Biden.
I'd be comfortable calling her Mrs. President should anything happen to Biden.
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Being international observers, what were your impressions?
I think Kamala Harris definitely won, and scored at least three good points.

Her strongest moments were when she was responding to Pence rather than presenting rehearsed taglines, wherein she exhibited a good ability to construct logical arguments presented with conviction and some passion.

By contrast, Pence was flat and uninspired, following a party line delivered with manufactured, saccharine personability that came across as very fake. He is obviously a follower personality.

In general, the quality of the discourse was much higher than the presidential debate, of course, but even saying that it was incomparable to the kind of concrete policy focus that other countries take for granted with their candidates. In this context, it was still comparatively 'thin' and 'theatrical', overly focused on the videocratic 'optics' of the candidates and parties.
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Being international observers, what were your impressions?
I appreciated that Harris was firm about not being interrupted and that she was shaking her head and laughing at the absurd trash talking points Pence had rehearsed. He didn't offer anything of substance except to try to prop up the old ideas of what he thinks Americans want to hear about America.

The fact that he is so bent about fucking fossil fuels and fracking is crazy to me.
The arguments Pence had against systemic racism are fucked. Like, Trump has Jewish grandkids so he CAN'T be a Nazi basically. Yeah OK.
The arguments about the looting and completely bypassing the racial issues in the states and then repeatedly talking about how he stands for Police. Yeah OK.
Somehow Pence thinking that Trump "won" the Trade War with China was wild considering the ramifications. They didn't even bring up the failed tariffs against Canada.
There is so much wrong, old and outdated with the Trump campaign. They literally have no plans for the future and it's just shouting about accomplishments that didn't do ANYTHING for the regular American citizen. Like taking credit for destroying ISIS for example. WHAT?

I think Harris tried to present what Joe Biden is hoping to achieve while President which I thought was refreshing. I think the way she presented herself was reassuring and I hope Biden wins. I think she made good points about the economy, about COVID and how that was handled, about issues with China, about the Paris Accords, etc which were all extremely reasonable and what we would just EXPECT in a first world nation. I think it was bold of her to declare she was Pro Choice because I know that's a hot topic in the USA and I also like that there were time when Pence was clearly trying to bait her and she didn't bite which was good.

Overall it was better than the Trump/Biden debate and we actually got to hear each of them speak though Pence had a lot of can't-shut-the-fuck-upsim going on.