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Shai Gar

Richard Whereat: the ones with the retarded prints on them to appear unique when everyone has the same damn jacket?
Rachel Birbeck: thankx
Poker : thats prison orange
Poker : lol
Steven Ingles: hahaah
Rachel Birbeck: haha
Richard Whereat: No, it's tailored fluro orange made of my own design in silk
Steven Ingles: looks like hes being tazered
Poker : oooooooooohhhhhhh lala
Richard Whereat: if you guys WANT me to take the piss out of you, i can with ease...
Poker : omg how
Steven Ingles: not in that jacket pal lol
Rachel Birbeck: al help i richard
Rachel Birbeck: u
Richard Whereat: yeah, in english please?
Steven Ingles: ah engrish
Poker : im sorry im so ill
Rachel Birbeck: heyah
Poker : but im so mad at her
Rachel Birbeck: heya
Poker : ?
Steven Ingles: wrestle her in jelly
Richard Whereat: I'm stuck at home with the flu, doesn't impair my english or typing skills.
Steven Ingles: swine flu go away
Rachel Birbeck: erh have yah got swine flu
Poker : no just your vision dear
Richard Whereat: I guess if you're retarded, you're retarded
Rachel Birbeck: your fukin retarded
Steven Ingles: ehhh timmy
Richard Whereat: little miss "myspace" pic
Rachel Birbeck: erh
Steven Ingles: yeah erh
Poker : ?
Steven Ingles: sup wit dat
Rachel Birbeck: uo with wat
Poker : whos he talking to?
Rachel Birbeck: anah
Richard Whereat: Rachel
Steven Ingles: hes off his tits
Rachel Birbeck: wat ?
Richard Whereat: the word is "What"
Rachel Birbeck: well i say wa
Steven Ingles: wassup wit dat homes
Rachel Birbeck: right
Steven Ingles: you a professor
Richard Whereat: what's up, with that
Steven Ingles: come to poppa
Richard Whereat: who is homes?
Poker : apparently a nutty proffessor
Steven Ingles: you iz homes homie
Rachel Birbeck: erh mn when yah type it doesnt have to be perfect y****tle minstrel l
Richard Whereat: No, just someone who passed year 8 english.
Rachel Birbeck: littl
Steven Ingles: hahaah minstrel
Steven Ingles: golly wog
Poker : took u that long to finish high school?
Kwstas Chalkias: hello
Richard Whereat: gollywog means coon
Rachel Birbeck: took whoi long
Richard Whereat: you know that right?
Poker : him
Poker : he said 8 yrs of english
Steven Ingles: now your a f ing racsist
Rachel Birbeck: erm man do we care what it means god
Richard Whereat: i wasn't the one mentioning gollywog
Rachel Birbeck: who cares man
Poker : this is so dumb
Steven Ingles: still a racist
Rachel Birbeck: anah
Richard Whereat: sure, yeah, whatever
Steven Ingles: yes not as good as black jack
Rachel Birbeck: watever
Poker : she ows me over a thousand dollars rachel
Rachel Birbeck: who does
Poker : brenda
Poker : using my card
Rachel Birbeck: r right
Rachel Birbeck: lol
Steven Ingles: how do you know her if your in the usa
Poker : shes in the usa
Rachel Birbeck: no who
Poker : lol
Poker : my friends brenda
Poker : ex friend
Steven Ingles: how does rach know her?
Richard Whereat: don't go using racist words you don't know and then call someone else a racist. you twat
Poker : 5th cousin
Poker : i just told her about her
Poker : lol
Steven Ingles: no but yer but no but yer ya booger
Poker : she used my acct
Richard Whereat: that line just made my head hurt.
Rachel Birbeck: a dntno her whst yah on bout ? x
Richard Whereat: are you guys in preschool?
Rachel Birbeck: fuk off manh
Poker : omg grow the fk up man
Richard Whereat: *****
Steven Ingles: that would make you the janitor or something
Richard Whereat: *man
Rachel Birbeck: no one like yah man
Richard Whereat: the word is likes
Richard Whereat: and you
Steven Ingles: piss off
Richard Whereat: get bent
Poker : what?
Steven Ingles: after you piss off twat
Steven Ingles: homie
Richard Whereat: I'm not leaving
Richard Whereat: wigga
Poker : omg
Steven Ingles: go iron your jacket
Poker : what are u doing?
Rachel Birbeck: no ody like yah whp llikes richard here
Richard Whereat: no, you and your primary school dropouts don't like me
Steven Ingles: hes a racist twat
Richard Whereat: as if i cae
Richard Whereat: *care
Steven Ingles: learn to spell ya ghetto banger
Poker : well its nearly 3:15
Richard Whereat: pot, kettle
Poker : i have to go
Rachel Birbeck: wat a last name whereat
Steven Ingles: earth to space cadet
Rachel Birbeck: haha
Poker : take care
Rachel Birbeck: bye poker
Steven Ingles: she was hot for an oldie
Rachel Birbeck: haha
Steven Ingles: lol
Rachel Birbeck: how old are u like
Steven Ingles: 30 something
Richard Whereat: oh god. thirty and you can't spell?
Rachel Birbeck: kk
Steven Ingles: only when cock heads are around
Rachel Birbeck: erh man richard fukoff man yah nasty ****
Richard Whereat: erh isn't a word
Rachel Birbeck: it is in my dictonary right
Richard Whereat: your dictionary from the land of fail
Steven Ingles: its a word a feeling a state of mind
Steven Ingles: so f off ya twat erh
Richard Whereat: no, it isnt
Rachel Birbeck: leats a wasent a teachers pet and cheated all the time yah ltttle gay
Richard Whereat: spell it properly so i can understand what you're saying?
Steven Ingles: you dont got it so cant comment
Steven Ingles: erh
Richard Whereat: oh wonderful, you're homophobic too
Rachel Birbeck: who is
Steven Ingles: stick that in ya pipe an smok it
Steven Ingles: erh
Richard Whereat: hahaha
Rachel Birbeck: erh laughn at yah ugly face
Steven Ingles: now you must be a gay
Richard Whereat: yes, because you've seen my face...
Richard Whereat: i was right, you are homophobic
Rachel Birbeck: narh wouldnt want to give me night mares
Steven Ingles: yes its above that stupid jacket
Steven Ingles: good one you scared her off
Rachel Birbeck: wat the fuk is homophobic mean
Steven Ingles: you dont like the homies
Steven Ingles: in the hood
Richard Whereat: Oh jesus, you really don't know?
Rachel Birbeck: a dnt need to no every thin yah nah
Richard Whereat: what are you, in primary school really?
Rachel Birbeck: narh like#
Steven Ingles: maybe i pretend to confuse the pretzels
Richard Whereat: oh gods, i stumbled into a retard factory
Steven Ingles: hey irene send me some cash
Rachel Birbeck: think if a was in primary skool why would a be talkin properly and typin and that yah thick twat
Richard Whereat: my cousin in primary school types better than you
Rachel Birbeck: ERH
Rachel Birbeck: ERH
Umar Nusrat: open it and have fun thnx
Umar Nusrat: made by Umer
Rachel Birbeck: BYE ERH
Rachel Birbeck: BYE]
Richard Whereat: yes yes, back to daycare with you
Richard Whereat: *whatever
Rachel Birbeck: PEDO
Richard Whereat: rapist!
Rachel Birbeck: U ARE FATTY
Richard Whereat: you're a walking insult to anyone who HAHAHAHAH!
Richard Whereat: says the whale
Richard Whereat: to anyone who has ever been assaulted by a paedophile
Rachel Birbeck: FATTY
Richard Whereat: porkypig
Rachel Birbeck: FATTY
Richard Whereat: is that all you can come up with? you're a porker, surely you've been insulted enough to have better lines than that...
Rachel Birbeck: MONG
Richard Whereat: you don't have the creativity to do better than that?
Rachel Birbeck: FUK IFF
Richard Whereat: who is iff?

That was incredibly fun. I won a few thousand off that exchange. Diverted them from their play and got them riled up into thinking wrong.
That was incredibly fun. I won a few thousand off that exchange. Diverted them from their play and got them riled up into thinking wrong.

I need to make this my life motto like yesterday!

a dnt need to no every thin yah nah

Written exactly like that. Awesome. I think I should make a t-shirt.......
You're one insightful and awesome chick...

Fixed that for you. That's actually rather disconcerting coming from the likes of you. I'm honestly not sure *how* to feel about that. *ponders* There was a bit of ironic solipsistic poignancy to it though, you must admit.
What can you do?? There are just too many!! Maybe that island you spoke about- might be a step in the right direction- Let me know, I may be able to help!
I think you intimidate him.

Wait... what? Ha *me* intimidate the notorious Shai Gar!? Naah, he just doesn't like me very much and he thinks I'm odd. No worries, I'm sure I'll find some way to cope outside the nurturing light of Shai's affection. Hee. That's bananas...