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Support Role for a PI


Shai Gar

You've just learnt that your cousin, an excellent Private Investigator has decided he wants to employ someone to work with him in a support role, but not another PI. However, in classic ENTP style he said this at dinner with his Aunt and Uncle while you were sitting at the table with him. He hadn't thought about it any more than simply having someone working in a support role.

You're immediately interested in the position and Suggest YOURSELF for the role, and you tell him what support role you'd be fulfilling, and how you'd be a benefit in that role.

What do you suggest, and what's your reasoning?
Put yourself in his shoes.

Write a list of things you would want in an assistant if you were him.

Tell him you have these qualities and come up with real life examples of you excelling in these areas.

Is this a theoretical, bit of fun thing or are you actually looking for advice?
No. This is about what you could bring to the table, and how you'd package it to make it useful to an ENTP PI

Theoretical bit of fun, using the reality of what you already have that you can bring.
That's why this is in the Imagination section.
Do the database searches. Leave the sleazy stuff to the PI.