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Some crappy VH1 show


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Apr 9, 2009
Anyone ever watch that really shitty show on VH1, Daisy of Love?

Just found out we got tossed on a show with some jerkoff's band from that show. The dude's name is London and the band is called The Party Death.

Don't really know if I should be excited or sick to my stomach...
It's a shitty cable tv channel in the US. Similar to MTV
I'd be excited. Any exposure is good. VH1, trash although it may be, is still broadcast across the continent. We even got it up in Toronto and Kingston. You never know who might be watching.
You know what's funny,

I remember having a conversation with a friend and I said he would have my permission to call me a sellout if we ever were broadcast on a popular cable channel as such.
I want to start a cable TV channel called "Reality Television", and play music videos.
I don't understand such channels.

Also, when they do get around to playing music, it's not really my taste.

Congrats and good luck with the exposure.
I hate the radio...

Yeah, I said it. Perhaps it's because I don't have XM.
But as a general rule, I have no use for the radio.

Perhaps it's because of where I live. Also, I'm extremely picky.
It's not so much that I can't find music that I like...I "like" plenty of music. I'd just rather listen to music that puts me into a state of pure, euphoric, bliss.
And I'm not talking about happy music necessarily. Tis my drug. I won't take those second-rate little herbs--they simply aren't strong enough.
Well, shitty development. I just got a call from a promoter who we're playing a show with in the same area that this show is supposed to happen. He's threatening that either we drop this show and play his show, which granted is with Mustard Plug and that's a big show for a ska band like us, or get dropped from his show.

Pretty shady to me, he's calling it a blackout radius. Actually it's fucking ridiculous. He's a friend of mine and works on (what was once) a pure DIY attitude. I get that he doesn't want to loose money, but fuck I can guarantee him the ticket sales he needs. I really don't want to choose between the two.
Wow...tremendous pressure! I'm sending you all the luck I can muster!

Luckluckluckluckluckluck etc.
That sounds like a crappy situation to be in.

If the guy hadn't basically blackmailed you, I'd say go play his show. Since I'm a spiteful guy though, under those circumstances I'd probably tell him to fuck off.

You could look at it this way, though. Anyone who is watching VH1 is not doing so for the musical content. There was a time when they used to play good stuff like Pop-up video and Behind the Music, but those days are past. This is presumptuous of me, but I'm willing to be that if that guy was on a shitty VH1 dating show, his artistic credibility probably isn't at the top of his priorities.
We're probably going to end up playing the show with our 'friend' the promoter, I wasn't too thrilled when I found out about the VH1 thing anyway.

But it's the last time we're booking shows with this guy and we're gonna make damn well sure he and everyone at the show knows it.
Sorry, fuck yer friend, Mustard Plug rules!!!