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Shark Attacks

Flavus Aquila

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Mar 14, 2009
I live in Australia - and recently there have been a number of shark attacks.

To see a British news article on the attacks:

I know that I am far more likely to die or be injured in a motor vehicle accident than I am by being attacked by a shark (I like to snorkle and swim in the ocean). But after hearing about recent shark attacks and especially after seeing the following video, I am getting a phobia of the water.

I know that I am just being caught up in media hype and public hysteria, but what can you do about it?

Warning - this video is of a shark attack and it's pretty graphic.
Fear stops you from truly living, you said yourself that you're more likely to die from something else, after all, what about the guy who punched a shark in the face?
Just put qfGvwCiaXTI between the tags (I think).

Yeah, like you said, you should be more worried about driving to the beach than going for a swim. Being Australian I thought you'd be used to it, death is around every corner over there...:thumb:
Death is around every corner, EVERYWHERE!!! It's such a prankster!
I know.... but there's death and then there's being attacked by a shark. *shiver*

Quinlan - there are a lot of dangerous animals (mammals, arachnids etc) in Australia - but after having lived in the U.S. for a few years there is one thing I noticed. Here there are generally no land animals that will ever attack you - they are more defensive here. But in the U.S. lots of animals will attack - plus there is always rabies (Australia and Antarctica are the only major land-masses without rabies).
Good god, can you imagine a rabid Kangaroo? Not pretty.
*shudders* I watched my Mom get attacked by my rabid cat, Macky. It was Christmas eve, two o clock in the morning, and she had to go to the hospital, man I have crazy luck. I would crap my pants if a rabid kangaroo came at me!
The box jellyfish comes seasonally though. There are newspaper warnings.

There are no sharks up in the ocean where I am. The Crocs get them.
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I thought Great Whites prefer cooler water anyway?
Warmer. They're cold blooded animals and can't survive long in cold water.
Not true, they spend a lot of time down around Stewert Island (bloody freezin') and the Auckland Islands (F###en freezing!!!).
Great white sharks live in almost all coastal and offshore waters which have a water temperature of between 12 and 24° C (54° to 75° F).

much more dangerous