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Seeing other people in MBTI terms


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Sep 17, 2009
After I've really gotten into this MBTI stuff, I've noticed that I try to figure out the MBTI of some people who were in my life already, as well as new people I meet. Of course, the individual him/herself is still what's the main point, but it's something I just do now, and it's so interesting, because I can learn a lot about them through their MBTI. Even if it might not be 100% accurate, I feel that it's pretty close.

It's really fun too.

Anyone else do this? :m172: AHHHH AWESOME MONKEY EMOTICON
I base how I figure out people first by asking myself "what is their primary function?" once I get that, I figure out "what is their secondary function that they back it up with?". From that I get type and figure them out. I have always had an innate need to figure people out, and have done it since I was little. Now that I have mbti in my back of tricks though, it allows me to apply a system which is very appealing to me. I started using mbti to figure out back in feburary mostly.
I almost always try to figure out a person's MBTI type when I meet them -- it's like putting a concrete to my "knowing," if you know what I mean. I usually know what a person is like in a very abstract way very soon after I meet them -- MBTI just makes that into something slightly more tangible.
When I finally understood the difference between E & I my world changed. I knew then I wasn't so weird; I was just outnumbered. I don't apologise for my I peculiarities anymore. If people don't/won't get it I have kind of an 'ef em' attitude. lol
I use a whole slew of things to figure out peoples type and usually can tell after meeting them (for an extended period of time) once or twice.
Yes, I do. It's interesting and useful. Somehow it helps me to understand people better and to adapt to them. Also, after I learned about differences in functions, I found out that behaviour of others is less frustrated to me.