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Se, Si, Ni, etc


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Jul 27, 2009
I'd like to find out more about these abbreviations (there are 8 or 16 of them?), I know they have something to do with the four processes being expressed internally or externally. I'm not sure what they really mean and how they apply. Is there a book or website someone can recommend so that I can learn more about it? Thank you!
To the best of my knowledge you have the basics:

  • N for Intuition
  • S for Sensing
  • T for thinking
  • F for feeling
Then you have the added "e" and "i", which signifies if the process is internal or externally focussed. So Ni is internal (introverted) intuition and Te is external (extroverted) thinking.

Meanwhile the basic processes do this:

  • Intuition senses "patterns". It's a very non-transparent process that lets people just "know" something. They usually can't indicate how or why, because their subconscious holds a vast web of factors and it's like plugging in everything and then getting an answer.
  • Sensing senses what's happening in the here and now. Specific things like being aware of your surroundings, or contrasting the facts of something with another, like food tasting different from one instance to the next. Things that are plainly perceivable. (but often missed by oblivious intuition users)
  • Thinking is... well, just that! Logical reasoning, being methodical, meticulous, being able to quantify things easily and concisely.
  • Feeling is also pretty obvious. This is all about being in touch with emotions, whether they are the emotions of those around you or your own.
So if you know the basics of the N, S, F and T then you know them all. Te is outward thinking, Fi is inward feeling, etcetera.