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Scary Paralysis

I was shocked for half an hour when I read that! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Hell on earth...
Wooohoooo, my god! Never seen such article. Never imagined this could happen to anyone.
good god

I feel sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and he is a Belgian???????
In what a stupid, underdeveloped country do I live???

If it was me, I would go mad! I would try to suicide myself, but I wouldn't be able to. Jesus, I think you don't have a choice than to accept your situation.
I read this and it troubled me deeply, imagining his inner torment. I can hardly imagine spending one day in such a state - aware, listening, trying to be heard... but ignored - and he survived this for more than two decades, the poor man! Yet he is positive and enjoying the limited independence and connection with people that has been restored to him. I am amazed by that, and humbled, and wish him happiness and fullness in his life from now on.
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"...are actually trapped inside their bodies, desperate to communicate."

I find this absolutely, horribly, terribly, heart-wrenchingly disturbing. And for 23 years...that poor man. I truly hope that with this, people will pay more attention to the fact that this is definitely possible so that more cases like this can be avoided if possible. That man is such a trooper. Through it all, he manages to stay optimistic. What a guy...I hope he continues to carry a sense of well-being.