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Shai Gar

Hotherym and Myself are starting up a not for profit fundraising public awareness and support organisation called;

Sudden Infant Death by Sledgehammers Society.

It's to help raise awareness of current world overpopulation and what people can do to help.

Anybody want to join?
I'm in.
Only cause you asked so nicely.
I swear this wasn't my idea, I was held hostage by what I'm going to assume was gunpoint.
When you were standing with your back to me, that wasn't the barrel of a gun you were feeling.
I was just waiting and baiting for that line. No, not 'bating.
That's some impressive willpower, I have to admit. I wish my impulse control were in such order.
The only thing that would be more unnerving than Shai Gar being politically incorrect would be Shai Gar being politically correct.
I'm going to make this an international movement.

United Kingdom
United States...

So far. Does anyone else want in? I'll need a photograph of all Board Members in a suit and tie.