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RISK: the game of world domination


Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
Florida man

Alright, I've been playing RISK with a friend of mine. He has stomped me pretty much every time. Mostly it's a combination of my inability to see error, which I assume will only come with experience and his ability to avoid major errors.

I was hoping that maybe you guys might have played a few games and might have some tips for me.

well thanks in advance.
What is your current strategy, and what do you think his is?
His most common startegy is using a bridge head, he'll dump a medium size group of troops on a territory you need to control a continent or something similar. from their he'll bost that force while taking smaller territories to get cards. When he gets the cards he is looking for he'll then trade them in a sweep into the lowest guarded front you have. all the while building up that medium size group into something more intimidating.

My startegy focuses on closing up fronts making them as small as possible, while moving a single large force onto my main front.

the problem comes in when he can jump uncontended by a third party to my back door with his quickly built card army. This ends up spliting my large force which breaks up my strategy.

My most commom failures have been to forget to cover my back door and not playing as agressive or to agressive.
Hah, played him again tonight and won, take that/