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RIP Blanche Deveraux (Rue McClanahan)


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Apr 17, 2009

New York (CNN) -- Emmy-winning "Golden Girls" actress Rue McClanahan died of a stroke in a New York hospital early Thursday, her manager said. She was 76.

McClanahan, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage last Monday, was surrounded by family surrounded when she died at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, according to manager Barbara Lawrence.

The actress' career began on the New York stage in the 1950s, but her long television career was first boosted when producer Norman Lear cast McClanahan in his hit CBS series "All in the Family" in 1971. She appeared in Lear's "Maude" a year later.

Her most memorable TV role was as Southern belle Blanche Devereaux on "The Golden Girls," which ran from 1985 through 1992. McClanahan won an Emmy for best lead actress in a comedy in 1987.

Betty White is the last surviving member of the four "Golden Girls" stars.

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RIP "Blanche". You will be missed.
'Tis sad. :( RIP
And there's your three: Rue, Gary Coleman, and Dennis Hopper. :(
And there's your three: Rue, Gary Coleman, and Dennis Hopper. :(

You left out Art Linkletter.

So, Rue may be the beginning of another set of 3?
I loved all the characters in the Golden Girls - especially Estelle Getty's and Bea Arthur's (I think that's her name).

Oh so glad to see this! I started a thread about this on another forum I troll... er, frequent. I've LOVED the Golden Girls ever since I was a kid and Blanche was always my favorite. I'm very very sad to hear about her death. Betty White is the last living cast member of the Golden Girls now. Sad thought. =( I remember taking a "Which Golden Girl Are You" quiz years ago and I got Rose. lol! I swear I'm not that ditzy! I always thought I was more like Blanche. I should find that quiz...