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Remote Viewing


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Feb 12, 2009
While the validity of this subject is in debate, I have chosen to post this thread here as a "discussion of the supernatural".

However, the implications of this subject exhibit a strong parallel to Introverted Intuition, especially those with Ni as a dominant function.

Remote Viewing is the result of actual government research into the possibility of ESP, how it functions, and its efficacy.

Here is an alleged CIA training manual for Remote Viewers. Interesting stuff to say the least.
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Think of a number and I'll tell you what it is

Not even one correct digit.

You should read the remote viewing manual again, hehe.

I'm pretty sure my guess was spot on
But seriously, I believe this is possible. But I think perhaps both parties have to have these abilities, and not just 1
8360 is my guess

which adds up to 17
Well, I sucked at this. I'll return with a vengance though
I'll write down a number, and you try to guess it. To help you I will try to constantly think of this number and try to transfer it to your mind
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9 and 6 are divisible by 3. 8 is divisible by 4. Odd. Especially considering my answer was random mashing of my number keys.

What? random mashing? After all my efforts trying to project it to you, arrgh :(