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Real news that sounds like The Onion


Right the First Time!
Jun 12, 2008
I read this sticky note on my professor's podium: called. 1-248-xxx-xxxx
Lost a set of gold teeth.

Also, rofl at ur find. Musta been an ISTJ xD
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Worst/Best Newspaper Headline: "Ex-con Pledges to Make Rape History"
RSPCA investigates cruelty against statue
Lol, the evilness is everywhere. It's gonna consume us all. Run, run, tell the the others another scary story! We need to keep the fear alive...
:mtap: omg i feel so afraid let me just work this clerk job because somebody has to
Ah, now you're talkin! See, we knew you're gonna get better. Here you are, go, go, go, Forest!