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Questions of Moral Decay

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Satya, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Satya

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    A few questions to ponder. There aren't really right or wrong answers to them, simply opinions, so feel free to share. Some may even merit their own thread.


    Is society becoming spiritually desensitized? Has society become emotionally removed, apathetic, or jaded? Without God, is there nothing to explain the horrors of life? If moral authority rests with the individual, does that mean that escapism and hedonism will be the only logical result? Has life lost its meaning with the decline of traditional values? Does a "live and let live" philosophy have social consequences even if it doesn't harm the individual? If so, what kind of consequences and do they outweigh the consequences of traditional morality? Have the increased rates of drug use, juvenile crime, and single parenthood been solely the result of the decline of traditional values?


    Has sex permeated every facet of society? Are the youth becoming emotionally desensitized to sex? Does the philosophy of allowing kids to have sex when they feel they are ready inadvertently make sex a mark of maturity for them to aspire towards? Does providing children with the knowledge of sex before they hold the maturity to make rational decisions endanger them more than a lack of knowledge would? Is fear and scare tactics an appropriate way to motivate kids when it comes to consequences for actions not yet taken? Has the increasing openess to sex in society lead to men objectifying women? Has it lead to women objectifying men? Has sex become a substitute to developing a relationship?


    Has society began to emphasize tolerance? If it has, has it emphasized tolerance too much? Is being tolerant of someone sometimes an act of disrespect? Does tolerance entitle someone to a right not to be offended? Is some stigma good for society? If so, who gets to decide what stigma is good for society and how?


    Is it parents who have a responsibility to teach their children about sex and values? If so, have parents ceded this responsibility to the schools and media? Are schools indoctrinating the youth? Has mainstream media contributed to the breakdown of traditional morality?
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    Spirituality could never be more alive and well with me. I do not understand a world without God. There have always been Godless people.

    Sex used to be something married people mainly participated in, at least what my Dad tells me. I am sure that is not how all people saw it, but now few see it that way. I look at that sadly.

    Tolerance, regarding specific issues, has become impossible to deal with and may possibly have more to do with the degradation of spirituality and specific sex issues in our youth today than any other reason. I cannot expound tonight with limited time. Don't correct your child or they will call the police? Give me a break. I do not agree with abuse, but spare the rod and spoil the child. If we are not corrected, we are bastards and not sons.

    As for parenting: the media has had the most negative impact on our youth and the ways they percieve things. Teach your children well, then teach them differently at school; then let them watch TV. Help us all. jmo
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