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Psychology of Moodiness


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Nov 17, 2008
First off, what RL is describing is NOT bipolar disorder, and should not be treated as such. Bipolar episodes last days to months, not hours. He doesn't need lithium right now, he needs his moodiness smoothed.

The deal with masturbation is that it regulates various neurotransmitters. Immediately following the orgasm, prolactin is released, which brings dopamine and testosterone levels back to normal. Extended periods without an orgasm have been shown to create moodiness because these hormones are not regulated.

I would do the research to back up my claims, but I sadly don't have the time.
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Perhaps it is time for my departure, my situation is driving me insane. Yes, I feel like I have lost all sanity. First of all I am more than convinced that I am bipolar. I been eating more and more, been having manic episodes as well as episodes of extreme depression to the point that is affecting my overall performance in all areas of my life, I simply do not enjoy life. I feel alone and have indulge in self-harming. Other times I feel overly euphoric and unable to pay attention..I simply cannot sleep, every day is more and more of a burden for me to shut an eye down.

So why am I posting this you may ask? Well I really do believe I am mentally ill. I am tired of complaining. The internet is affecting me to the point that my life depends on this, in fact if it were not for this forum I would probably end my life. Every day I stay up till 5 am, sometimes I do not sleep at all. Even the psych teacher which I hate due to her unfair methods has began questioning my sanity and wishes to talk to my parents if possible. I believe I am a danger to society and will drag anyone down to a pit hole with my negative energy, I must be avoided..remain alone forever and that's what I really don't want to do..I do not want to drag anyone into my pit hole, this includes online and irl. For such painful stated decisions I feel as if I should just leave and avoid people completely..I do not know where my life is going, I could really care less..but I do care about the lives of it is best if they stay away from me.

My dear Gabriel, I have been where you are and it is torturous, but leaving the forum will not help. You are not dragging anyone else down, though I know that's your sincere perception. I remember feeling at times as if I were some kind of black hole. This is very distorted thinking. You support others on this forum all the time, in and out of depression. My guess is you do so as well irl. You are not a danger to anyone but yourself.

Heck, I don't know--I'm not a guy--but maybe masturbating would help. I often get hypersexual during manias, so it might provide some relief. but I really believe you need to get some professional help, and sooner rather than later. From your description of your feelings, you sound very bipolar, though I'll reiterate I'm not a mental healthcare professional.

I know you feel you should and will always be alone, but this, too, is distorted thinking. Isolating yourself actually exacerbates depression. Please, my dear friend, see a real professional and whatever you do, don't leave us all here without you.

Maybe I should say bye...

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A manic episode consists of at least 3 of : Increased goal activity or physical restlessness [nope], unusual talkativeness; rapid speech [maybe], flight of idea; or impression thereof [no], decreased need for sleep [maybe], inflated self-esteem [I really wish, but no], distractbility [yes], excessive involvement in pleasurable activities with negative consequences [no].

as far as I can tell, he doesn't have manic episodes, so, no, this isn't Bipolar.

Also, it might be worth while to split the psychology to another thread. yes?