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Permanent Fixture
May 16, 2008
All right, I saw that this topic had zero posts, and felt sorry for it. So here's the great (or not so great) addition to keep this topic from feeling lonely.

I have two cats, a tabby and a manx, both males. The manx, obviously, is SUPPOSED to be big. The tabby? Not so much. But they weigh 17.5lbs each. Yup. BIG cats. I was beginning to think I was spoiling my tabby when I noticed the other day that he was pushing over the Manx and finishing off both bowls of food!

Oy. So the Tabby, JR (not after Tolkein, but I wish!), gets fed in the bathroom now. I get to enjoy a pair of yellow green eyes while . . . yeah.

My vet says "he needs to go on a diet". I give the manx normal cat food, the tabby the diet stuff. But I discover an anomaly-now my Manx is the one pushing over the tabby for food!! He likes the diet stuff so much he's abandoned his own bowl, learned overnight that he was big enough to push over the tabby, and is eating his food!!

So now they are both on diet food and quite content (all right, JR isn't, but he's a little annoying and overweight, so I don't really care!). And want to be fed all the time b/c diet food will never have exactly what they need and they are always hungry.
first off, cats are awesome

i am so a cat person

anyways, do you feed them one big meal a day or multiple small meals a day?
Motor Jax said:
first off, cats are awesome

i am so a cat person

anyways, do you feed them one big meal a day or multiple small meals a day?

A little over 1/4 cup twice a day-it was the recommended daily amount. And the tabby is actually gaining wt again. It's the Manx that concerns me.
i wish i knew your cats

have you tried three 5/16th rations or soemthing to that effect?

how active are they?
Their activity seems fairly normal. Sleep most of the day, play with each other two-three times a day (always ends in a skirmish, no growling), wander around aimlessly meowing for attention only when I'm busy, ignore me when i'm not . . .

I'm not concerned enough to take them to the vet, I'm just a little worried that my manx isn't getting his nutritional needs met, but this is the first cat food that hasn't made him throw up three or more times a week.
Considered feeding them on different levelled tables across the room from each other? Physically drop them off at their spots so they can eat.
Actually, JR gets locked up for 30minutes in the bathroom so the other one, who gets bored and likes to come back and nibble ten times before he's done, can finish!