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Prepare for the swines


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Mar 27, 2009
the last flu pandemic killed 40 million

Over a billion people - half the world's population at the time - fell ill in 1918 as the dreaded Spanish flu swept around the globe.
By the time the killer virus died out a year later, an estimated 40 million people had lost their lives.
That is five times as many as the eight million killed in four years of slaughter during the First World War.
The 1918 flu pandemic caused death and devastation on an unimaginable scale and at terrifying speed.
Those who were hearty and healthy at breakfast could be dead by teatime.

Just like the fast-moving events of this week, the first cases of the 1918 flu emerged in pockets across the globe in the spring of that year.
At first it seemed like no more than a harmless, unseasonal flu.
Most people who were infected with the virus recovered within a week following bed rest. Some doctors describe it as the "three-day flu".

But some died within 24 hours of infection and as the virus spread it appeared to become stronger and more deadly.

As the virus spreads it is feared to mutate further, becoming stronger. We can't predict what's going to happen but I can't help but worry slightly. But... as a friend put it, it would solve the unemployment problem :eek:
I finally realised what this monkey is up to: he's coughing, then running off to spread flu elsewhere:


This might sound sick, but I'll be disapointed if this turn out to be nothing in some kind of way.
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I don't know about this. I refuse to panic about something that doesn't seem to be a problem right now.

I think we over-hype things WAY too much. I mean, I was in china town in Toronto during the SARS crisis, and I'm still alive.
One of the girls we carpool every day with is going to Mexico on Monday for a holiday. When she gets back I know I'm going to feel a bit nervous sharing that breathing space with her.
If I could afford it I would buy some supplies.
i was talking with mom the other day about this... she used to be a nurse...

this swine virus doesn't kill, just makes you sick...

.. the hype is about pork... which drives the pork prices higher...

... and once food prices rises, they DON'T come back down...

that's the same thing that happened to the price of chicken...

... look at this recession... the government and their tactics... such shame...
Wouldn't the pork prices decrease if people were worried about eating pork?
People shouldn't eat pigs anyway. They're too intelligent and sociable to be treated as a meat product.

To add something useful to this opinion, I've been making a list of recommended herbal supplements I'm going to stock up on to aid my immune system avoid/ defend against this flu virus. Here it is in case anyone else wants to do the same:

The swine flu - f*** to you! List:

Echinacea purpura
Licorice root
St. John's wort
Green tea


Freshly prepared apple juice
Black Elderberry

The Echinacea and the garlic are probably the most effective. Some are still dubious about the beneficial effects of these, but I'd rather take a chance on using them than on not using them during a flu pandemic. There are other useful herbs as well, but these are all quite easy to get hold of. Some recommend ginseng, but it can have weird side effects so I wouldn't take it myself.

Obviously, this herbal stuff is preventative at best, and may ease symptoms, but If I actually get the flu, I will demand tamiflu from my doctor, and hope there's some left.

Good luck to all of you. Let's hope it's not as bad as the doom-mongers are predicting.
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