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Phantom Smells


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Oct 14, 2008
Have you ever experienced when you smell something even when that someone or something is not present?

Sometimes, I can smell my boyfriend's smell out of nowhere even when he is not present. The phantom smells only happen to his smell, nothing else. My first encounter was when I was about to go to bed, all of a sudden, I could smell his smell. It was also strong too. It was really weird.

Is it just me or is this an INFJ thing? My INFJ friend says it means he's thinking about me. My mother thinks he put a spell on me, a love potion (WOW mom, so superstitious). Or perhaps something else? I made two theories for this: it's probably a soulmate thing or maybe I miss him unconsciously? Scientifically speaking, maybe I have a brain tumor?
About an hour ago, I read a brief tidbit in a blog-article someone sent-out. It was about scents. She said that when we smell a scent, it triggers our limbic system which then retrieves the past memory during which we first experienced that scent and somehow our emotions also get triggered. That's a rugged explanation, but I think that was the gist of it.

As for being able to smell your boyfriend's smell... ohh I'll just post this article here. This is so synchronous :)

I'm not suggesting or suggesting that the source of the author's smell in the article is the same as yours. I know the belief is not for everyone. But your post reminded me of what I just read so I thought I'd share :).

Making Scents of It All

Clair is a 17th Century French term meaning clear – as in “understood" - which means we understand our Higher Self most clearly when one or more of our clair channels is open -- as in clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient to name a few.

As you may remember, I'm dominantly clairaudient.

Which are you?

This I'm certain -- You do have a unique gift... be it clear seeing, clear hearing, clear feeling, etc. But, in order to utilize this gift, you must be open to accepting one or more of your gifted clair channels.

Every clair gift was created to help you tap into your Higher Source.

Perhaps you sometimes experience a strong internal knowing, or a vibrant sixth sense, or a meaningful mental image... perhaps even a profound and eminent sound.

This is your clair gift at work!

And, let's not forget the gift of smell. This is known as Clairscient and means the ability to smell a fragrance or odor which is not physical in nature.

I didn't even realize I had a clairscient gift until most recently....

You see, I've always loved the smell of pungent pine. This strong green aroma reminds me so much of past camp outings with my childhood friend, Tyrelle.

When it comes to scent, science has now proven that recognized aromas will transmit impulses to the limbic brain where all of our past memories are stored; therefore, familiar smells are strongly linked to our emotional memories.

Though my childhood memories of Tyrelle are strong, she unfortunately lost her life in an automobile accident at a very young age.

Not too long ago, however, she came to visit me in a dream.

I could see Ty’s smiling face, feel her gentle hugs, and hear her loving laugh. It was so very distinct, I’d swear she was physically there.

The dream was very beautiful. It was so nice to be with her again.

Unintentionally, I began waking myself up as I began to sniff the air. I inhaled again and again as a strong earthy scent came to mind.

As I opened my eyes, I realized the familiar smell wasn't coming from my bedroom but was being emmitted “from the other side.”

Exhilarating, earthy and sweet.

The wonderful scent of pine.

Thanks for your memorable message, my friend. -- I received it loud and "clair."


ETE - copyrighted Michelle Skaletski-Boyd

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LMAO! Sorry this is just too funny.

I have been formally diagnosed with olfactory halucinations. I am epileptic so that is the reason for it. However, I get these often, and have been able to pick out patterns with it, in much ways that you describe. I believe my mood and mind greatly controls what I will smell, and it has alot of meaning to it. I also believe that I am psychilly picking up on things. For me, it is much more then a "disorder"
This morning I experienced this very strongly -- talk about synchronicity!

On the way to work someone very troubled entered the train and had a very unique odor that was somewhat offensive...a mix of alcohol and grit maybe? He started yelling at someone who he was with and hitting the train door. It was very disturbing to everyone else on board (this is a crowded rush hour train).

Anyway when I got to the office I smelled the scent very strongly again, for about 15 - 20 minutes. It left me feeling a bit disturbed.
Scientifically speaking, you may have Lou Gehrig's disease. But actually, that may have happened to me a few times. I also get this weird feeling with weather that's kinda like that. It's odd... sometimes the way that weather feels on my skin gives me an intense nostalgia, as if I've felt this very wind before years ago and it's just made it's way around the planet and back. And then the emotions I felt at the given time in which I'm translated back nostalgically seem to flow. Do you ever get that?
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I was totally going to make a fart joke, but then I realized I don't like fart jokes.

No phantom smells, but I always hear people call my name and I always think I hear someone knocking on a door somewhere. I get that weather nostalgia thingie, but I always just chocked it up to me feeling really connected to nature and being pretty sentimental.
I always hear people call my name .

I do too, It's alwayse while I'm doing something and it seems like it comes from another room.

As for phantom smells I used to take my girl home for lunch and I'd alwayse smell her on my sheets when I went to bed. After things went sour I changed all the sheets blankets, pillowcases and could still smell her. Maybe just a memory recollection thing.