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Personal News: I HAVE A SCOOTER!


Shai Gar

It's kickarse. I'm going to post photos as soon as I get back from litchfield national park.

oh yeah, I'm going to litchfield national park.
Good stuff :thumb:
Teehee :ml:
What's the mileage?

300km for the 6L
in US that's
186.41135767 miles for each 1.5850323141 gallon (us)

soon as i figure out how to connect the mobile and computer i'll put the images onto the net. gah, it worked fine and easy before...



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OKay, now where is the pic of Shai posing on the scooter?
That looks like fun!
Why is there some random dog in the background is that yours?
Mums dog actually, her name is smeagol. That's also her personality :(

Just under the right handlebar of the same picture is the snout of the other dog.
What is wrong with the persons hand who is touching the handlebars on the third picture. Theres bumps on it or something. And...i enjoyed the boxer-lookalikes, that may actually be boxers.
Come on Shai! Where is the piture of you posing on your bike!?
The "bumbs" are the light on dads knuckles. The boxers are my sisters boxers.

I had a few photos taken today, but they were on my mates iPhone, so he didn't have mms to send it to me. When someone takes a photo of me, I'll post it.
Nice. Congrats. ^^
Yeah, dad paid 3750 dollars for it. I got to ride it around for work and freedom.

My parents just got in then, and dad said Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas the Bike is yours :D :D :D :D :D :D

I'm not allowed to ride it anymore until I'm legal on it, so I'm doing the course as soon as possible.
Awwww! Are you going to start wearing leather pants and gloves? Start yourself a little scooter gang....'Minions of Shai Gar'? :D

Just be careful tho, don't want to read a post informing all of us that you are in the hospital because of an accident. Be safe!