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People Who Think They Know You


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Mar 9, 2009
This has happened to me more than once, and it really pisses me off, especially when it is an attractive girl.

Okay, it is typically an attractive girl.

I'll be with a friend, and they will have a friend with them. They will realize we don't know each other and try to introduce us. Now, this would be a good thing if the person didn't say the following: "Oh, we already know each other".

Now, I would be completely fine with this if it was the case that I did indeed know the person in question; hoewever, that sometimes is not the case. Just because we sat in the same room in a group of people on one or multiple occasions and maybe played the name game (but never spoke directly to each other) does not mean that we know each other! We need to actually talk and make a connection in order to know each other. One girl did this who I did not even know the name of, and why didn't I know her name? I had never spoken to her. She knew my name because I got forced to volunteer at a presentation that she was also at, and everyone there learned my name as I was embarrassed in front of all of them by the crazy lady who was presenting.

Does this annoy anyone else? Does this happen to anyone else? Is it just an INFJ or personality thing to want to actually know the person before you say you know them?

Or, is this happening because these people, usually attractive women, don't really care about getting to know me? (Okay, I'm sure that is part of it, but I want my other questions answered anyway).

Other languages like French and Spanish shouldn't have this problem because they have the difference between Tu and Vous/Vos forms of verb tenses, so a person can't mistake knowing a person personally for knowing a person formally or knowing of a person.

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I don't know what is the solution for this, but in some way i would like to say: They are nonsense. It sounds annoying to me. I don't see any opportunity to know anyone practically.

It is your name discipline and your manner as person to ask others about their name. It makes sense a lot. You care about someone. You want to interact with them, You would like to talk with them and getting known by them.
The solution is to be like

"Now wait just a minute man, I met you once but we didn't get the opportunity to speak. Hey my name is _____, how are you doing? I'm bad with names so you're going to have to repeat yours and I'll -try- to remember it." And then smile real big, remember the handshake.

That's how I introduce myself anyway. If other people are slacking off then I'll fix it for them.
They probably think (from their perspective) that they do know you, but you know better. Can't blame them...your reference point just isn't on their radar.

I've had this kind of thing happen alot....some even thought their knowledge of me was enough to warrant a trip to the alter. They had no idea.
I think they have an other idea about the meaning of the words "I know you". It can have many meanings. I can know someone from sitting next to him in the bus, being a collegue, being a friend, being a partner. In al occations you know the other person.

There are two possibilities. Or she says that to get rid of you (I hope not :becky:). Or she says it to aknowledge that she recognised you. Which is a good thing, I think. But the way she has said it, gives me the feeling that she is a bit arrogant and waves you away. It doesn't has to mean that she doesn't like you. Maybe she was busy or preoccupied. You need to listen to the hidden meaning, the way she said it, to know what she really ment... And if it still is not clear, go further in the conversation. If she doesn't like you, you will know very soon :w:

I don't have much problem with this myself. Although I take such events mostly as "they don't like me" or "they don't want to get to know me", and many times that wasn't the case at all.

using "tu" and "vous" doesn't really solve the problem. You use "vous" in official occasions (with important people like the manager of your company) or when you want to be polite. When you speak to people of your own age or people on the streat, you always use "tu" :becky:
"Oh, we already know each other." I always thought it was code for, "I forgot your name, and I feel really guilty. I hope over the course of a few minutes someone will say your name again."
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