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Past Life v.2

Discussion in 'Online Tests' started by shannishannon, Oct 19, 2009.

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    What I am about to post was what I was going to post in Raccoon Love's thread on Past Lives, but it felt too much like a hijack.
    What I want to offer is a Karmic Past Life report I used to run on my old astrology website, get some use out of it. No charge. All I want is for people to post their opinion of it and how accurate it is. It is 8-10 page report. I will do this for as long as I can.
    What I need, if you want the report, is to either email/pm me with your birth date, time(if available), birthplace, and preferred email as I will email it as a pdf, rather than publicly on the forum as I have noticed this report can make people react rather emotionally, and can be eerily accurate.

    Sample: (well, me.)
    12th house cusp in Leo

    You have considerable inner strength. Willpower and persistence are hidden beneath your surface. Your self-image is out of proportion, being either too great or too small.

    Look for a significant prior lifetime in a leadership position. Your use or abuse of that position will tell you much about your current self-image. Possible areas of prior life experience may be in the aristocracy, military leadership, political leadership, actor-manager of a theater troupe, business executive, or head of a family business.

    Leo 12th House, Virgo Rising

    You are meticulous in every endeavor. Others see you as being practical and organized, paying attention to the smallest detail. You need to learn that not everyone is as concerned with perfection as you.

    Mars in 12th House

    In a previous life you utilized brute force to gain your power. Weaker opponents were not shown mercy or compassion. This life time, you avoid physical activity and may have difficulties asserting yourself, fearing your prior life's brutality.

    KARMIC LESSON: Balance your life to include both physical and mental conditioning. Fears that seem overpowering, when brought into the light, are indeed very tiny.

    Uranus in 12th House

    Your avant-garde ideas or rebelliousness in a previous life may have caused you to be on the wrong side of the law. Or, your rash actions may have resulted in hurting others. This time, you fear being any different than your peers and appear very conservative and cautious. You may have many acquaintances, but avoid close friendships for fear of loss or betrayal. You often feel that you have two personalities, one careful and one reckless. You hide your inner tension by appearing outwardly calm.

    KARMIC LESSON: Unlock the uniqueness and individuality in your personality and accept your own differences as you accept the differences in those around you.

    Pluto in 12th House

    In your prior life, you misused your psychic gifts to dominate others. Most likely, you practiced witchcraft or used hypnotism to control and instill fear. This time, the karmic fear of unleashing your inner power is so deep that you may allow yourself to be victimized without putting up any resistance.

    KARMIC LESSON: Channel your passionate energies into creative projects, exercise or therapy. Accept that all humans have the capabilities of great emotions, some of which can be destructive. Inner peace comes with facing your fears, asserting yourself and transforming negative energy into positive endeavors.
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  2. Raccoon Love

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    12th house cusps in Aquarius

    You have high ideals about social issues and humankind. You fear losing your
    friends, so you keep your real opinions and feelings hidden. Learn to confide in
    and support your friends, and they will do likewise for you in your time of
    Look for a significant prior lifetime where you went against convention and
    expressed yourself in a free and unhindered manner. You may have had a prior
    life as a social worker, union organizer, scientist, political activist, academic
    or have participated in revolt or uprising. In ancient times you may have been
    an astrologer or alchemist. You may have been ostracized or imprisoned for
    your beliefs or actions.

    Aquaruius 12th House, Pisces Rising
    You are intuitive, sympathetic and adaptable. In your prior life you freed
    yourself from social conventions and in this lifetime you can free your soul to
    reach great heights of spiritual awareness.

    Saturn in 12th House
    You chose a solitary prior life, as a hermit or in a cloistered environment, so
    you would not have to face the harsh realities of the outside world. In this life,
    you hide your feelings of inadequacy by avoiding solitude, putting on a smile to
    the public. Although you are outgoing and sociable, you may have difficulties
    dealing with authority figures.
    KARMIC LESSON: Once you overcome the fear of being alone, you may find
    that you actually enjoy your own company, especially when working on a
    specific goal or project.

    Saturn in 12th House
    You have a serious interest in the psychology of people and can dedicate
    yourself to menial work or creative endeavors. You have a strong yearning for
    spiritual fulfillment and may find great solace in the service of humankind.
    You may have spent a prior life in prison, a convent (monastery) or as a
    recluse. You may have been the victim of treachery of others, which forced you
    into hiding. If you were in a position of power, then karmic guilt can render you
    immobile when you have the opportunity to make advancement to a position
    resembling your previous one.
    On the positive side, you are able to use your inner strength to learn your
    karmic lessons and develop your spiritual nature. You seek the company of
    others out of love of humanity, instead of the fear of loneliness.
    On the negative side, you may fear success, recognition and public displays of
    emotion. Your body may express your prior life's fears in the form of allergies,
    immune system dysfunction or as phobias. The karmic issues must be resolved

    in order for you to experience health and success.

    Saturn Square Pluto:
    Personal power and control were used in prior lives to control others. The
    karmic memories of your prior habits can sometimes render you very inflexible
    and controlling. Your challenge in this lifetime is to learn flexibility and to
    accept all experiences, good and bad, as part of the growth process.

    Saturn Sextile Sun:
    Duty to yourself and to others has been balanced in prior lifetimes, making you
    self-confident and assured in this one. Your past life memories help you to be a
    natural leader. Your leadership always has a practical nature, expressing your
    well-thought analysis of any problem. You work hard for all that you receive.

    Saturn Sextile Mars:

    Your sense of duty and responsibility in prior lifetimes enabled you to survive
    tedious jobs. In this lifetime, you still have a knack for detail work. You are
    organized, and meticulous in everything that you do. You are responsible at
    work and at home. In social situations, you are a little reserved.

    The rewards you reap in this life time come from your prior life's good deeds,
    and your future benefits (this life or another) are the rewards of your present
    fair dealings and generosity.

    Jupiter in Scorpio
    You have strong beliefs based on deep emotional
    feelings. Your are intensely private about your personal
    philosophies you have a great sense of determination and
    Your prior life in a business relating to other people,
    such as insurance, estate planning, fund management or
    funerals has given you the ability to keep other people's
    business confidential.

    Jupiter in 8th House

    You have strong beliefs in life after death, and under some circumstances can
    be very telepathic. In a prior life you administered the estates of clients in a
    selfless manner and your tireless efforts to ensure that all beneficiaries
    received their rightful inheritances has enabled you in this life to receive
    benefit from insurance, bequests, or joint finances.

    These two sensitive points can show you what goals you are concerned with in
    this life and what habits from prior lives are holding you back from reaching
    those goals.

    North Nod of the moon in Sagittarius
    In your pastode lives, you have relied upon your basic instincts to get you through
    life. Higher education and intellectual pursuits were looked on as frivolous.
    Decision making was left to chance as you kept yourself too busy to have time
    to think things through. You based your decisions on the latest rumor. You were
    satisfied with the amount of knowledge you had, no matter how little it was.
    This time around, you have the opportunity to develop your intellect, to form a
    personal philosophy based on fairness to all. You still have difficulties in
    discerning the truth, so you need to learn your own truth, not other people's
    Your possible past lives include, traveling salesman, con artist, migrant
    laborer, or even the local busybody.
    In order to maintain the balance between your two karmic doorways, you need
    to develop your intellect through education, reading, and stimulating
    conversations. Learn to communicate in real terms, instead of small talk, trivia
    or gossip.

    Most descriptions were accurate, except maybe for the last one
    wow this is long, but so accurate..thanks shanon!!
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    I'm glad you liked it. Astrology sometimes sheds light on issues that other methods cannot. Reread the report every now and again as you get older- more of it will make sense as time goes by.

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