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One Possible Future: 2025

I'm a mason. A lot of the hype around the group is just that, hype. At first when I joined I thought I'd be learning some pretty awesome shit. Nope, it's just a pretty good group of guys who get together, perform a few rituals and have fun.
Does anyone actually believe that the world will still be here by then? I think it will end somewhere around 2016. Obama has to be the Antichrist. Barack Hussein Obama: 6 + 7 + 5 = 18 = 6 + 6 + 6
Revelation 13:18 This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.


ETA: Okay, I can't leave it alone. Even despite the fact that I'm batting my own thread off topic.

Obama has to be the antichrist. THE antichrist.

Of all the horrific, twisted, evil personalities already well-documented in recorded history and those yet to be documented and Obama has to be THE antichrist??

I mean, how many antichrists can there be in Christiandom??? If you only get to pick ONE (as suggested by the article THE vs. the article AN), what qualifies Obama for the job?

Somebody. Please. Explain.
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If America continues down the lazy path we have taken I can see all this happening in one form or another. The devalueing of hard honest work has cost us dearly. People think that they should live the good life 24/7 it's a fantasy world. Life on the other hand has her own plans. There could be a meteor strike tomorrow. A huge Earth quake a volcano a tidal wave a release of poisionus gas that no one has discovered. A world plauge could wipe out a large percentage of the population of earth. It's really anyones guess. I am sure that if America pulled it's head outta it's ass and started acting like leaders of the people instead of puppets for the money we can change things. Nah what am I thinking. People getting along for the better good? Has'nt happened yet and it only seems to get worse not better. It's no suprise to me reading this been hearing it for twenty years. Just wait for them to take your guns. That is when I will be very worried for us all because only our opressors will have them.
I have one thing to say about all this.

We will adapt.

The world has gone through many changes and we have always found ways of adapting. People like to predict doom and gloom all the time because more attention gets paid to that, but in reality as soon as a problem is foreseen they already have people in development stages to remedy it.

Plenty of human civilizations have collapsed in the past, what makes western civilization any different? As always we won't realise there's a problem untill we've cut down the last tree on the island. The west (and capitalism, and consumerism, and our ridiculously wasteful way of life) as we know it has only been around for a blink of an eye and hasn't really been tested yet, what makes you think we're so adaptable?
I was referring to people as a whole. Civilizations gain and lose power all the time, I'm well aware of this and by no means do I think the U.S. is impervious to such an event. As long as people as a whole are ok it's fine. The continuous power struggle is something I am not capable of resolving on my own and nobody listens to my ideas.

I believe humans as a species are the most adaptable but we have to learn to get along. And again, we must make a few hurdles in technology or we are doomed.
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