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Offense and Provocation


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May 8, 2008
I love surveys. :p

[For all those tertiary Tis out there, this is all Conditionally]

Are you offended by anything? (I assume this is a given)
What is your typical reaction?
---When someone you trust offends you.
---When a stranger offends you.
Do you offend others? Do you offend back if you are offended (or you see an attempt at offense)?
Is there such a thing as a "bad word"?

Have fun Ni'ing! :D
racism offends me

other that, nothing much else

as for offending people though, i will talk about someone in front of them to the point that they would walk off or just get really pissed

and then i laugh...
Hypocrisy is 90% of what offends me. (other people's, not mine.)

I'm surprisingly good at offending people, even when I don't intend to. It's usually the result from a conflict between my individuality and my desire to maintain harmony. For example, I might swear from time to time (which I feel is my right) but that can interfere with harmony (others often get offended by my swearing) and the result can be less that desirable.
Things that offend me:
- Personal continual inconsistencies
- Skewed judgment of others / undeserved suspicions
- Lack of self-awareness and even having no interest in being self-aware
- Consistently selfish behavior (read as "unfair" by me)
- Insensitivity / Carelessness in regards to the impact of the behavior on others, which I see as pride
- Inability to see viewpoints other than one's own
- Complaints/Whining without taking any steps to empower oneself / looking for coddling
- Constantly trying to dominate or control others

You can chalk a lot of it up as "unfairness / lack of moderation/balance" as well as a lack of personal responsibility.

Usually I just withdraw or say nothing, until the person pushes the issue with me, and then sometimes I've lashed out very strongly as a pushback and taken them by surprise.
What do you think about this?

"Those who can be offended deserve to be, because they are asking for it.
You choose what you are offended by. Then people just troll around offending you because you let yourself be offended. Therefore the people that allow themselves to be offended are the cause of the trolls annoying behavior."
- Me on INTJf

A classical T way of looking at issues modeled to blame Fs. It is mostly a joke, but does contain some truth.

Do you think that the following would be a useful quality?

"INTJs have barrier of sorts between percieved meaning and the personal section of their mind. They filter what they want through the barrier into their mind and allow it to affect them. Whatever we do not want to affect us is stored, but often never makes it to the closed off portion of our mind, except in large chunks or through slow diffusion."
- Me on INTJf pretty much describing myself
Satya said:
Hypocrisy is 90% of what offends me. (other people's, not mine.)

:lol: Same here, exactly.

I usually do not offend people. If I sense that I have (and I am in a good mood), I make a lightning switch into ENTP mode and confuse the person so much that he quickly loses track of what offended him. I find talking my way into and out of various corners rather enjoyable (when it works).
It's an art. :D

I of course find this highly frustrating when someone tries it on me, and I get very indignant and irritated with myself if I fail to catch the other person in this. Hence my own hypocrisy.