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N finds me an answer about my health!


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Mar 5, 2010
This is a dual topic thread, first about just an example of N at work and how I love it, and secondly about the answer it found me, which I'll get to:

FIRST: I was just thinking about how to make getting to sleep tonight easier, and had an idea of drinking coffee, since I once read that it doesn't work right away and would eventually just cause me to slowly crash after a few hours, and I could use that to my advantage. Yet quiet suddenly my mind drifted to the idea of tryptophan, abandoning the first line of thinking completely. I thought (actively, now) "what has lots of tryptophan other than turkey, 'cause I'm not hungry?" which then spurred me to google the phrase :"tryptophan foods" which lead me to an article. While I was reading the article I read milk, eggs, poultry, anything with protein, red meat... (mind drifts to Star Trek TNG where Dr.Crusher gave Piccard a glass of warm milk to get him to sleep) then *DING* my mind says "Nutritional Food Yeast, what about that?". I immediately google the phrase "tryptophan "nutritional food yeast"" and get one and only one result, but exactly what I wanted:
Not only did it say that NFY indeed is high in tryptophan, but its high in a good dozen or so things which are really amazing or important, and is all around awesome.

The best part, I have some in my pantry!! I've used it before mainly as a source of B1, B12 and iron, but I didn't know about all this other amazing stuff, like it has more protein in it than meat (55% high quality protein :O) which means I can use it to bulk up my Chazzy too!

My Dearest's Ni is awesome at scoping out causal connections in health matters. She does great research too. The information, combined with internalized intuition, seems to work wonders. She's gotten me on a good track towards a more healthy lifestyle, even though I sometimes resist stubbornly (misplaced INTP autonomy thing). She's even gotten me off some medications with bad side effects, replacing them with natural alternatives that work great.
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Sounds more like Ne... I smell INFP :p
Sounds more like Ne... I smell INFP :p

Nah if it was Ne she'd have been trying to blend the turkey into turkey juice.
Sounds more like Ne... I smell INFP :p
INFJ's who are generally well developed have Ne and Fi close to their Ni and Fe values. My 3 tries at cognitive function tests confirmed this.