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My Repetition Theory


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Mar 9, 2009
My theory is that among other things, religion is a repetition of thoughts, feelings, and experiences, that are not false, but are diluded through the passage of time. I believe that different religions are puzzle pieces, with the biggest, most influencing ones, being bigger pieces, and smaller, yet still prevailing ones are smaller parts to the whole. I also believe that Spirituality should to a certain extent, govern our internal selves.

I believe that the human race was born with a intuitive knowing of what is and what was, and what will always be. We, the children of Earth, shifted from one angle of this knowledge, to another, as we grew up as a race. I think right now, we are pissy, destructive pre-teens, bitter with all, but mostly with ourselves, and our situation. We're whiny, desperate for freedom that we wouldn't even know what to do with if we recieved it. The truth is, we still have so much growing up to do, but that is very difficult as we die, our children must learn the same things we had to learn plus the very little extra we may have left for them. Our learning is equivilant to a toddler learning how to walk, we take one, two steps forward, teeter (or trip on something), then fall flat on our faces. When we're done screaming and crying out our frustration about how much we hated that, we try again. More often than not, we leave behind for our children things that will "trip them." Racist hate, Jihads, we hate others who don't share our views, our values; our self destructive tendencies as a race severly hurt our chances for maturation. Our wish for preservation of the good of the past is unknowingly tied to the preservation of the evils of our past. Giving these "Pandoraic" gifts to our children is a double-edged sword.
We rely on whats told to us by our elders, our books, our teachings, but these things are diluted by different interpretations, people who would use the information to futher their own ambitions, or by an innocent lack of understanding. Time and the evils of mankind have distorted what is sacred. Perhaps what has been lost will be rediscovered once again in the same way two different people in two completely unrelated situations, discover the same thing on opposite ends of the Earth.
What of the Mayans, the Egyptians, other races who's knowledge was lost with them? Will we rediscover their knowlege of the stars, or is it too late for us? How did they come across this knowlegde when they had so little technology? Was their knowledge passed down, or was it innate? Maybe mankind used to be intelligent in other ways than the ways we are now, as we shifted how we saw things. Is our technology dumbing us down in some ways? Is it our restricted way of thinking, guided by our stubborn pride in our advanced ways? Maybe is it just the way its supposed to be, gaining and losing; living and dying, until its all gone. Perhaps there's no reason to it all, just pure random assurdities. I don't feel that's the case, though, when I step back and look at the world, too many things connect, for good or for evil.
What is evil? Merely the corruption of good, that is my belief. Two sides of the same coin. That is why humanity is capable of such great, terrible things, and of such simple loving certainties. Our entire being is very absurd. Somewhere along the line, we gained an understanding of the consequences of our actions, and deemed the actions and feelings that brought postive effects, good. Actions that brought negative effects, were deemed bad, or the more complex, evil. People think and feel differently about actions; an action that is evil to one person is not evil to another. Humans are supposed to be morals creatures, because of our understanding. To repeatedly do evil is to be evil yourself, or that's the theory, anyways. Our conflicting views have led to war, no longer do we wish for food, we wish to starve our enemies. Each and every side trying to kill out everything that the others stand for. What remains, the winning side will convert. This is our way. Isn't there something inside of us screaming about the immorality of this? No side is righteous. Everyone has imperfections in their logic, for we are human, not God. Why would we blame God for our selfish ambitions? Do we really think that God wants us to kill everyone who doesn't agree with us? Even from an atheist point of view, we cannot blame God, because it doesn't exist. In our own delusions, we justify our actions based on what we think is God's will. Some people make war about supreme justice. Justice is a form of revenge. Revenge breeds revenge. Its a horrible, never ending cycle, that becomes senseless. If we're going to continue to kill ourselves, we should be honest about our reasons behind it.

So, this is what I have so far to my theory. I'm very excited to know how you all feel about it. I hope no arguments are started up by my feelings and outlook on the world. Please, everyone, be respectful to eachother's opinions, you all see the world differently, and if you fight with eachother, you only prove that mankind cannot advance as it is, and I don't want to believe that's the case. I don't want to believe that's going to take an appocalyptic event to make us accept eachother. Please, give me hope.​
I very much like this. Very very insightful indeed.

I do not feel though, that we are doomed to repeat these things in cycles. The cycle we have been in for ages is ending. You can already signs of this shift in looking at people around the globe. We are waking up.
I agree. With both of you, which is a bit contradictory I know, but I believe that the cycles chaotic_lion perceives, are within IndigoSensors bigger cycle. However, I can't see any of it coming to an end. I wish it would, I wish we could either advance to the next stage of life, or start it all over again. Make it better. But I just can't see it.
I very much like this. Very very insightful indeed.

I do not feel though, that we are doomed to repeat these things in cycles. The cycle we have been in for ages is ending. You can already signs of this shift in looking at people around the globe. We are waking up.

Thank you, indigo, you give me hope!