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my colleague drives me crazy


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Aug 20, 2009
INFJ again
There is this person in my compony with who I have to work very closely lately and I doesn't get her at all.

I don't know her MBTI but she is definitely extraverted. She laughs and jokes with everyone, especially the extraverted colleagues. But she is all fake to me but nobody seems to get it :shocked:. When she needs someone she is very friendly, with a big smile and jokes and questions about your personal live. If she doesn't need you, you doesn't exist. But the trick seems to work with everybody because they are all over her while with me, if she try this trick with me, all the bells in my head are ringing, screaming, SHE USES YOU!!!

And even do I know this, I still try to get her approval/friendship/... I try her to like me but she doesn't at all, unless she needs me. But otherwise she ignores me, insults me under the surface. When I tell a joke or try to break the ice, she not only doesn't laugh with it, but she even pretend that she didn't hear it, like I'm vapor or something :hurt: Why do I even try to get her approval when I so doesn't like her????

Is it me or is everyone else wrong? Even my boss who I suspect to be INFJ seems to like her. Is it because she has power? Not from her position but from her social place on the ladder so that you have to groom her in order to survive in the social jungle?

I can't do it, I'm allergic to fakes.


or is my intuition messed up?
Well hearing things from your perspective you seems to have the right idea.
Maybe it's because she presents her self as being really fun and sort of glamorous and that by being friends with her you can almost imagine all the fun adventurous times with her in your future.
Like I'm not sure how explain, or if I'm right even, but what I mean is like her appeal lies in the glamorous extraverted image she projects. And people are friends with her mainly because they feel like she is a good connection who could hook them up with some "fun times." Delicately phrased, I know :)P) but hopefully my meaning is clear.
edit: It might not be. I kind of suck at explaining myself.
edit some more: Or maybe they reallly do just buy her act.
Or maybe you're wrong. It's possible.
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