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Muppet types.


Permanent Fixture
May 16, 2008
This may belong in social banter, but it's half serious.

Don't ask why, but I watched a muppet movie today and decided that Kermit is totally an ISFP!!

ANy idea on other types? I'm unsure about animal, but miss piggy seems a little ESFJ (make the shrill blonde thing stop!!).

Have we already done this one?
Hmm, apparently I'm the Muppet type :D

Apparently I'm also ENFP :?

Trin: So erm, my type, whatcha think?
Azzy: Enfp, just sayin
TLM: Oh, right: The muppet type

That's all I've got to say cause I never really watched them.
I grew up watching the Muppets, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock. Loved all of the characters. Lurker you should watch The Muppet Christmas Carol ... it is hilarious! I think you would enjoy it.