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Mood and Personality Type


The Romantic Scientist
Feb 8, 2009
I've been noticing that my personality types changes depending on my mood for that day. For example:

Morning(7am to 11am): I feel like an ENFJ

Afternoon(Noon to 7pm): INFJ

Night(7pm to 3am): INFP

When Depressed: ISTP

Around People: ENTJ

By myself: INFJ

With parents: INTJ

Stressed: INTJ

As you can see, I'm really unstable LOL but that's usually how I perceive myself in these moods and different situations. But my core types is and will always be INFJ. No wonder noone can understand me :D, I'm a confusing type...
Feeling like a type and being one are different of course. I always feel like an ISFP.

Outgoing ISFP
Grumpy ISFP etc.
I don't think that I feel like a particular type at any given moment.
I don't think the time of day effects my type. Nothing effects my type really. My moods however can make appear different from how I actually am because I am forced in some way to use a different cognative function set. Here are some examples:

Overworked: INFP

Being pushed: INTJ

Drunk: ESxP

Very Very Tired: ENFP

Playing the "counselor": ENxJ

Remember, this is how I appear to be. Who I am inside has not changed.
Remember, this is how I appear to be. Who I am inside has not changed.

Yeah, that's what I meant. Didn't know how to put that in words :D, thanks Indigo
Logical situations: INTJ
Socially: ENFJ
Very good mood: ENFP
Adventurous/wanderlust/every once and a while regardless: INFP
Organizing events: ENTJ
Dealing with ENTP/ stupid people in debate: INTP
With sister: INTJ
Creatively crafty: ISFP

And the list goes on. I actually only really act INFJish when I'm comfortable around people and by myself.