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"Mercurial nature" ?

Well, "mercurial" would refer to someone of a volatile or flighty nature. That can be intimidating to people who like structure and knowing what to expect from others or people who normally do what is expected.

Plus, I always think of Puck when I hear the word "mercurial." As much as I love him as a character, he would intimidate me face-to-face. He's just such a prankster, and, as funny as pranks can be, they can also be a tad cruel at base. It's humor without subtlety.

By the way, I didn't read anything about ENTPs before writing this, so I'm not being type-specific. I'm solely going off of your use of the word "mercurial."
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Everytime I see a Shai Gar post, I jump in my seat a little.
And I tend to agree with at least 90% of your posts. But it becomes such a norm, that I don't even give you reps anymore... that often. :) But really, Quinlan, the truth, you, how to speak, know. Consider this kind of like political "endorsement". (maybe you should run for office? :p)

ENTP equals FUN. ..when they are not depressed.. Kinda like Tigger.
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Toldya! :D --> FUN