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i read somewhere that he is an INFJ type personality. personally, seeing his films and the roles that he played also kinda supports this

also the drinking and getting hairy with the cops (< shows he stands for his ideals)

and see to see him seclude himself after such said incident. i mean, he literally just went into hiding

there was always something about his films that seem to hit home with me, and i love his style
I dunno. After The Passion I have my doubts. Religous zealot NFs are a tricky bunch to type.
his style in Apacalypto wasn't too bad

there were others who made movies about Jesus and the crucifixion. so he made a present day version of it. i hardly think that would define him as a "religious zealot"

but also to go this route, yea i've been called zealous at times. especially about my inspirations
One man's fanatic is another man's believer, I guess. Lots of fellow students in college thought I was some kind of religious freak because I went to church every Sunday.

As for Mel Gibson, he's not just a Catholic, but a Traditionalist Catholic: Tridentine Mass, no Vatican II reforms, and so on. He has his own private chapel in Malibu that abides by those beliefs: ... _in_Malibu